In space no one can hear you win

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Online Games

Or was it that no one can hear your moaning whenever you get served badly by the game? I can never get those sayings right… Never mind! I come to you today in piece, offering the intergalactic gift of pure joy. Get cosmically awestruck by the sheer amount of pleasure you can get from breaking bricks!


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The Solitaire Serenade

Posted on Feb 20, 2013 in Card Games, Online Games

Ok, I’m not gonna sing to you about matching cards together, but I’m still ready to rumble a bit about it. There’s a chance you haven’t noticed Wowin’s wide variety of solitaire games, and that’s why I’m here to blow your minds with some recommendations.


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Who’s up for some classics?

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 in Card Games, Online Games

How can you have a website full of free online games without a bunch of addictive old-school titles? You can’t – might as well start a zoo with stuffed animals. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about just read further.

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The Veggies are coming!

Posted on Feb 13, 2013 in Online Games

Last time we only mentioned the merciless gang of vitamin-packed ruffians that roam the world of Feed the Frog – our upcoming online game. Now it’s time for you to look them in the face… peel… whatever! 

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Frog or treat!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013 in Online Games

So yeah, we are still very busy with our new free online gameFeed the Frog. You know how it is – there’s a lot of research to be done with live frogs, throwing candy at them, making sure they don’t hide in the coffee machine (the usual gamedev stuff). That aside, all is going well and we can even show you the game’s main characters: the lovable frogs!

Ah, yes, the five famine-struck buggers are what drives our project. They all love sweets and at the same time they are filled with burning hatred for all vegetables and fruits (games for women – aiming at all the wrong subconscious desires). Thank God that diabetes isn’t a problem in the land of candy or else they wouldn’t live long enough to even see their name on the endangered species list.

As for the “greengrocer’s gang”, well, it’s your standard bunch of vitamin-packed apples, pears, celery and carrots – all fighting for a tooth decay-free world (and failing miserably). At least they now how to go down with a smile.

And that’s pretty much it. Till next time!

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It’s alive!

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 in Online Games

Will you look at this. We’re actually alive and ready to kick this blog back into shape! I know, I know – last time we wrote here people weren’t even starting to prepare for the recent “End of the World” party, but hey, brainstorming flash games ain’t a cake walk. Add keeping in touch with you guys to the daily grind and suddenly you find yourself fighting with Chronos for every precious minute. To quote a famous thinker of our generation: “Ain’t nobody got time for that“.

That’s where I come in!

I bring you a fresh batch of updates to satisfy your cravings for news. Right now we’re hard at work creating our own fun game in the spirit of pachinko. You know what I mean – a crazy ball bouncing around like a rabid chimp, accompanied by tons of points and bonuses. The game will be called Feed the Frog and well… it’s all about nurturing some lazy amphibians living in a joyous land of candy! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that. As a bonus you get to see a glimpse of some of the background concepts we made for this upcoming feeding frenzy.
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Have a nicer day

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, I must agree, that writing on this blog every day  on one hand is great, because I can share my thoughts with you, my loyal readers, but on the other, there are days I would like rather to play online browser games instead of doing this. I am sorry, but I hope you will understand, that there are days when simply nothing is happening (like in boring skill game, which does not check any of your skills). Do you know what am I talking about? Sure you do! You also have days, when you come home, your partner ask you “How was your day?” and you do not know what to say. People, it is more than common that we just go out, drive to work, spend there eight hours and drive back, so why do we always torture others with those silly questions? And the best is, that we treat short answer (which really describes boring day) like a withdrawn. We should be more tolerant to those, whose day was just tiring and boring. My day today looks exactly like that. It is nine, I sit here form seven already bored and tired, so please give me a break and do not expect I will write something funny or so. I simply do not have energy. Ok, I am finishing and start playing online browser games. Have a nice day – nicer than me.
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