Typical game player

Posted on Jan 31, 2012 in Online Games

Life of typical game player isn’t as boring as many people think. Stereotype which shows player as pale, young boy, sitting alone in his room in front of computer, is completely wrong. The research made by Ipsos Media CT in 2008 shows, that fans of computer games are more sociable than those who don’t play games. They like going out with friends, partying and dating with girls. Not uncommon, sport is their second love. They have many interest beyond gaming, for example stamp collecting, skiing, cycling, so playing online games isn’t theirs only hobby. As we see, they don’t lose contact with reality. On the contrary, they live very active life, have a lot of energy and enjoy every day.
Another myth debunked by the study is the average age of players. As I said before, stereotypical player is a young men. It’s not true! Research shows that typical player is about 30 years old, has wife and children! Why is that? Probably because of the fact, that games can be great way to relax after stressful day at work. In additional, about 80% of playing 30. are people on sick leave or unemployed. I suppose that, no one doubts that games are the perfect way to “kill” free time.
The survey was conducted via the Internet and was attended by about 3,000 people. Therefore, the results (in some degree) reflect reality.
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Hardware requirements for online browser games

Posted on Jan 31, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

These days are undoubtedly the era of super-fast computers, which literally can make miracles. But each year are realesed games, which can bend even the best computers. But take a look what hardware requirements gave us browser games developers.

At the moment games, which are released in these year, literally are devouring computers, which are 5 years. It is because of from year to year hardware requirements of computer games are growing. Graphics cards, which were created for exapmle 2 years ago, might not manage with new games, which need newest version of DirectX.

Totaly different is with online browser games, which with their hardware requirements don’t even cause a small shortness of breath for computers. Usually in hardware requirements of browser games we will find that we have to have newest version of web browser or need of having internet connection. From time to time, browser games require from us newest versions of flash player. In case of games which presents high quality graphics by flash player platform, we can except that older computers won’t meet the demands.

As you can see, online browser games, such as skill games, don’t impose high needs. It’s the reason because they themselves don’t have high quality and exclusive graphics.

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Girls play games!

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Online games are dominated by women! They play in the network more often then men at consoles – says surprising results of eMarketer’s research. Online games play 42% of girls and only 38% of guys. Interesting is, that the general percentage of women who play online games is also higher then amount of men who play on consoles (40%). Research also shows, that for Americans, playing is the fifth most popular activity doing on the Internet.
What are typical games for girls?
It’s hard to tell which games are typical for girls, and which for boys. But no doubt, the most popular game for girls from many many years is the Sims – a strategic life simulation video game. Of course, everyone likes something different, so the type of games we play depends on individual preferences. Surfing the Internet we can find many games like “dress-up Barbie”, “FarmVille”, “Pet City”, “Weeding Street” or “Animal Party” that are designed mostly for girls, but there are also many games that we can play regardless of gender.
Why girls play online games?
Most of them like short, simple games, allowing to build new friendships. Furthermore they spend more time than guys on social networking sites such facebook, where games like bubble shooter or farmville are easily available. Playing browser game is also perfect way to spend theirs breaks or entertain themselves for long hours after busy day.  
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My name is Shooter..Bubble Shooter!

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

I must admit, that I had never been computer games playing person – I’d tried few titles, but they hadn’t pulled me in. My maximum attachment time had been about a month, and only because I’d had problems with uninstalling this bloody program. Imagine that it all changed just about a year ago (and you must know that I am not so young any more)! Why? Because I discovered online browser games! It was very boring day at work – we had no goals to reach due to upcoming Christmas-new years eve season, and weather outside was cold and rainy. I tried to look for some funny stuff in the Internet and I found this banner of “best browser games ever”. I had nothing to loose – so I did entered and found myself in a world of multiple bright colors. OMG – how bright it was! By I was really bored – I gave it a chance. “Logical browser games – that sounds interesting” – I thought, and so I found my addiction. “Bubble shooter” is something between logical and skill games, simple, but very addictive. Player has to shoot color bubble into others, creating groups of three or more, and so points are collected. I really spent whole week playing this game! What is more, during Christmas I played this online browser addiction and after new years eve also! Since then it is my (not effective and ethical according to my boss) way to kill boredom at work! I can tell you now – I am game-addicted (but only this skill game fortunately)!


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Social aspects of browser games: from avatar to lover?

Posted on Jan 27, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

What makes that million of browser games players, form all over the world create their virtual identities?
In the world of online gaming, avatars are the most important part of complex plot and action. It turns out that for many players, attractiveness of games results from the possibility of creating their virtual alter ego. Public still receives games as imaginary playground, but for many people this world has went out from the virtual cyberspace many years ago. The virtual world is able to move the players into magical and fascinating places, where they can meet people with similar interests. No matter of the nature of game scenery players can realize others, who they are in the global domine, how to get their trust and how to become their virtual friends. If player decide to share some part of his personality, catalog of behaviour or any individual characteristics of personal style with his avatar, produce very strong relationship between them. Participants of game are connected by common features and similar motivation. The key issue of success of mulitplayer game, is the ability to socialize with other players. Common knowledge and trust will create story of the whole group. The social value of the browser game character is created mainly by aspects of relationships with other participants in the game. This value is the result of two factors:
1) integration with other players,
2) image of virtual avatar.
Those are the reasons why people care about creating very close and personal relations on games platforms. Being part of some community, develop their coaching skills and teach responsibility. Some virtual relationships can turn into long-term friendships or even in love. Research shows that 40% of players, think that theirs friends from browser games are comparable or more valuable then the real ones. History of online browser games shows, that there were situations when people, who became friends in the virtual world after time bound together in the reality.



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