Posted on Jan 25, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

If you thinking You spend too much time playing video games, be sure РYou are not alone. Nowadays, when games are so popular and easily available, people used to spend more and more time playing them. For example, in UK there are  49 000 000 active Internet user in age 10-65 years and more then 31 000 000 play computer games! This is much more then half of them. Additionally 52% of players spend money on games. Last year, sales of games software and hardware hit about $74bn! In comparision in 2010 $67bn. As we can see, global market of games is still developing.  Last year, also online gaming experienced high growth of sales. It is happening because of popularity of digital distribution and free-to-play browser games. In connection with fast progress in mobile technology during last years, people are able to play games not only on theirs PC, but also at smartphones, tablets etc. Games can be played at different platforms, like:
- casual websites (there are games played on or downloaded form casual websites including premimum versions of games)
- social networks (such Facebook, where users can find a lot of skill games)
- mobile devices (this includes all smartphones, tablets or iPads)
- MMO games (MMO – Massive Multiplayers Online Games, often conntected with Virtual Worlds)
- console games (this includes all types od Xbox and PlayStation as well as older consoles)
- PC/Mac boxes (these are games on CD or DVD (=boxed), that You install on you PC, Mac or Laptop before playing)
- PC/Mac download (these are games You download and install on Your computer before playing).