Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Girls play games!
Online games are dominated by women! They play in the network more often then men at consoles – says surprising results of eMarketer’s research. Online games play 42% of girls and only 38% of guys. Interesting is, that the general percentage of women who play online games is also higher then amount of men who play on consoles (40%). Research also shows, that for Americans, playing is the fifth most popular activity doing on the Internet.
What are typical games for girls?
It’s hard to tell which games are typical for girls, and which for boys. But no doubt, the most popular game for girls from many many years is the Sims – a strategic life simulation video game. Of course, everyone likes something different, so the type of games we play depends on individual preferences. Surfing the Internet we can find many games like “dress-up Barbie”, “FarmVille”, “Pet City”, “Weeding Street” or “Animal Party” that are designed mostly for girls, but there are also many games that we can play regardless of gender.
Why girls play online games?
Most of them like short, simple games, allowing to build new friendships. Furthermore they spend more time than guys on social networking sites such facebook, where games like bubble shooter or farmville are easily available. Playing browser game is also perfect way to spend theirs breaks or entertain themselves for long hours after busy day.