Eyesight and computer games

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Hello everyone! Today, few simple advices what do to protect our eyes from harmful effects of playing computer games. As we know, (unfortunately :( ) our favourite entertainment is not always as good for our health as we would like to. Long hours spending in the front of computer can damage our eyesight… What to do to take care of our eyes without resigning the games? Let’s see:
1) Take a few-minutes break after every hour spending in the front of the computer screen by looking off into the distance.
2)  Close your eyes for a moment, every time you feel them ache.
3) Keep the proper distance of the monitor from your eyes between 16 to 30 inches.
4) Make sure that the top of the monitor is at a level slightly below the horizontal eye level.
5) Keep your computer screen clean, I mean free of dust and fingerprints.
6) Ensure you have a proper light in your room.
7) Make sure of the correct settings of your computer, especially the brightness and the contrast.
8 ) And of course.. do not spend too much time playing online games.
I am sure, that following these few simple tips, can significantly improve the comfort of your eyesight, especially when you spend a lot of time playing online, browser or skill games.
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Weekends – not so good for browser games.

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Have you ever noticed, that you play more browser games during busy weeks, then at weekends, when theoretically you have more free time? If yes, do you know why it is that? I suppose, that it happens because we treat browser games more like entertainment for short breaks, then like things to do for long hours. As we know, playing online browser games is a ideal way to relax, for example when we feel tired because of our work duties or studying and we do not have enough time to go for a walk or take a nap. But.. when the weekend comes everything change! We have more time for taking a rest, so we visit our friends or family, do outdoor activities or go to the cinema. And of course we are partying :) As we see, most us have more busy weekends than a regular weeks. Fortunately, after two days of a ‘rest’, we go back to work and now, without any fear we can come back to our favorite online games
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Playing browser games is beneficial!

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you thing that playing online browser games can positively influence our personal lives? I must say, that just a few weeks ago I had been doubting that, but suddenly it changed. I realized that playing them have many different beneficial effects, which affect different dimensions of our existence. If you play skill games, you will have more self-confidence, and because of that you will be more successful in your work and personal life. If you play some time of the day (for example during a break at work) you will not be stressed, so your contacts with clients and coworkers will be much more effective. Relaxation caused by online browser games can improve your analytics and generally mind skills, so it positively affects reaching goals at work. Playing skill games can of course influence your relationship with the family and friends. You will not get mad with your wife or kids due to some silly reasons – because you will unload all your frustrations in browser game. On my own example I can say that it is working, just like martial arts trainings in the gym (but active training is healthier). We should although look out, because skill games can addict. Abstention from playing can increase your irritation and cause opposite effects to those we would expect – so please watch out when you will try  this way of therapy, but try due to its easiness and effectiveness.
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What the media says about games..

Posted on Feb 24, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Every day, media reports about the global world of gaming. I hope You know, that this what is going on around the games, recently became as important as other world information. Sometimes, reading newspapers, searching the web or watching TV we can find really important news, for example about premieres of games that have fans all over the world, but sometimes more funny, like about the avatar’s fashion or the oldest player of Tibia. No matter what they say about games, it is important that they do. It proves that games have become an integral part of our lives – are with us from childhood, we play them at home, at school or later during work hours. Because I do not want to clutter our blog by too serious information, I decided to share with You – my dear readers – with one, quite ridiculous story that I found searching the web.
Not so long ago, in the American press appear information about policemen from Florida. They were called to some apartment in order to search it for drugs. When they have entered they saw a game console and started to play online bowling (?!). Owner of the apartment recorded the whole incident, and now demands the cancellation of the evidence gathered by police officers…
What do You think about it? Have You ever found some similar funny news about online, browser or skill games? If yes, share it with us! :)
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Browser games in Poland

Posted on Feb 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been to Poland? I know that you have probably heard about this country – maybe you have read about it in some newspaper, or you have played online browser game which action took place in Poland, that is not matter – hearing about is not similar to being to. As you (I hope so) know, I work in a kind of a company, which is responsible for some programming stuff and i am fun of killing my time by playing skill games. Why am i saying that and why is it connected to Poland? I hereby pronounce, that my firm have sent me to Poland, Which is in the west of eastern Europe, and I mus t say that I was positively surprised. Generally country is very green and people are friendlier than in any other country I have been to. Unfortunately, despite few visits in polish pubs (they have great beer I must admit) I hadn’t got a possibility to do sightseeing. Fortunately loneliness in a hotel room with polish built in computer gave me a chance to play Slavic  browser games. I do not know if it is because of many wars they took part in, but they make great skill games and other online games. Amazing scenarios, aesthetic graphics – in one word AWESOME! Fortunately online browser games are avoidable all over the world, so I can play them at my couch in very stable and boring (opposite to Poland) England.
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