Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Addiction to browser games

Addiction to browser games became a serious problem lately. Many people lost themselves to them. They see nothing but online browser games. In the Internet you can find many online games, which can be great entertainment. Many people who thought that browser games can be great to kill free time, but with time they strated to be addicting. Everyone wants to earn more awards and have better place in rankings. Sometimes even earn more real money. In skill games players are aiming to be faster and get more points. If you start playing browser games you can open a can of worms. So what is so drawing in that people can’t stop playing online browser games? In virtual world you can become whoever you want to be. You can become hero who save world or bandit who can kill whoever he wants. Another thing is that playing online connects people and gathers them into societies. You can get some new friends by playing or even have a online-girlfriend. Interesting detail is that advanced players in real life use words which usulaly are used in online talks and which are unintelligible outside of player’s societies, like noob, which means person who can’t play. Another thing is that actions of games are so interesting and gives so many emotions, connected with competition, that peolpe can’t stop play. The are like gamblers, who has to have another dose of adrenalin. In online browser games, which creates virtual worlds, players feel safer and consider them as a rebound from real life. But if you play with temperance you’ve got nothing to be worry about.