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Guinness record

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

On 29 January was set a new Guinness Record in number of online players in network games. Experimental game Man vs. Machine gathered in peak moment 999 people during one play.
The rift was prepared only to break through the barrier of 1000 players playing at the same time. Unluckely server didn’t manage when the 1000 player was logging in – then the play has stopped and after next beginning of the game, there were only 980 players left. Although the magic barrier of 1000 wasn’t break through, producers of the game can still be proud of beating the previous record. Developers said that previous record was 399 on one battle field in other browser game PlanetSide.
Comfort play attended by 999 players realized  thanks to new technology PikkoServer. The battlefield was hosted by 8 single-threaded Unity Game Servers that each handle a section of the battlefield. PikkoServer divides the battlefield between the game servers and glues the result together many times during one second.
Man vs. Machine is online browser game, first- person shooter, which was created for one use only. So you can’t play again and the only way was to show up on 29 January at 4 p.m. on official website and log in on a server. Players during the experiment were divided into two sections which were fighting with each other- machines and men.


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Poker or skill game?

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I visited my friend yesterday. He is a serious businessman, CEO of real estate company in northern Czech Republic and father of three children, but I found him playing online browser game on his home cinema display, using wireless mouse and keyboard. It was the day – day when a bunch of guys should have couple of beers or something stronger, because CEO had free house. Poker – this is what we should play, but he was playing some skill game. “I can’t stop”- he said – “this is my way to relax at work, but today I am near to beat the record, so I’ve taken  it home” and while we were waiting for the rest of the the companionship, he played. Game looked like some business charts (that is why it was easy to hide it at work) and the goal was to reach the end of  “chart tunnel” with small yuppie-looking bot. My friend wanted to beat the record, and the charts were more and more difficult. Fortunately he had a lot of beers in a fridge, because I would have problems with getting the fact, that serious manager is playing online game. He reached the goal before our friends came, but told them about his “Passion”, and we laugh. I don’t really know why – in fact every single one of us has some browser skill game he like to play, especially at work. I like to kill aliens (imagining they are my boss) and my CEO boss reaches goals (maybe he can’t do this in reall life?). To sum up, I wonder if it is good that we hide our emotions in skill games? Or we should take them home?

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