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How to create Your own online browser game?

Posted on Feb 7, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Are You computer gig who want to create his own online browser game? Here You can find few (I hope useful) tips. If you dream about your own game, but worry that you don’t have enough skills to do it, don’t worry! Now, there’s nothing more easier. All you need is a good idea, a creative mind and a lot of patience. On the market there are many ‘games creation programs’. Most of this kind of programs are offered by Mac or Windows operating systems. Searching the web we can find many free, but unfortunately limited versions that offer new users many possibilities to create new games. They typically offer various graphic, sound effect and texture packs. Not rarely, users are able to upload their own images or music materials, what makes that the game is in 100% ours and give more satisfaction to the person who created it. This uncomplicated, easy to use programs are designed for children, teenagers or other total beginners. Most of them have user-friendly guide, that helps make first steps in work as a game designer :) . Games you made thanks to this programs, you can usually easily publish by Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Your browser games can also be adapted by Androids or PlayStations. Some of this programs are limited to MMOPG only, others give a possibility of creating adventure, skill, platform and even puzzle games.
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