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The changing face of games

Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Online browser games won’t soon replace other games, like wideo games, but they meaning increased lately. They are very appealing because they don’t require high developed hardware software and mostly they are free. For those who are tired of monthly fees for normal online games browser games are great subsitute.

Online browser games are spreading quickly thanks to Facebook or MySpace. But even on websites they are viewed by millions of peoples. The traditional need more time to get a large player base and not every of them can manage that. Everyone can see how popular Farmville on Facebook is. It shows that putting games on social media sites can be appealing and many games developers see them as a main way to get profits from games. Facebook games reach the number of people that regular game producers can only dream about. Farmville typically had in 2010, 50 million users each month. Normal, traditional games can’t get that high amount of players.

As more game developers see the benefits and potential revenue of browser games they will release on a market more developed games that can get more players and new clients. Only imagine that you play online browser game, like skill game in 3D. It is far-reaching anticipate but it is very likely to happen.

Taking all of this into consideration, browser games are very quickly gaining more followers. In next few years these games will be more popular and maybe will totaly replace tradicional online games.

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Why do people like competition in browser games?

Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

A research that was conducted a few years ago shows that 57% of people that enter competitions have won some prizes (lucky ones!), but 43% haven’t. Most of people who have never won any prize are still hoping. Some people are entering competitions only because they like entering them. That could sound crazy, but sometimes more important is fact of participating in a contest then being a winner. Can be listed few reasons why people so much like competitions:
1) it allows them to improve their performance or any other skills,
2) motivates them to work on themselves,
3) enables to satisfy the need of being a winner.
Searching the web we can find many multiplayer games that allow to compete with other online players. People so much like them, because playing favourites browser games, they not only compete with computer, but also with other people. To take part in it we just need working PC and access to the Internet. No matter where we are, we can play with people from whole world. Multiplayer browser games are also huge communities. They place their photos on the site, write blogs and most of all compete with each other. Internet users are able to compete with others in various online games, for example: card games, platform games, casino games or any other skill games.
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