Posted on Feb 9, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Attacks on online players
Kaspersky Lab published new article “Frauds connected with online games: evolution of black market” by Christian Funk. In last four years cybercriminals got large benefits from salling stolen players accounts and items of characters.
Whatever it is- cards, board game, or game with cops and robbers- attemps to fraud are as old as game itself. Wanting of winning makes people cheat to get a advantage and to win a game.
It also concern online games. So-called “cheats” occur in all types of games- especially in MMORPG, helping impatients or less experienced players to win quicker and get better score.
From the time of Internet development  MMORPG are on first place among games in terms of longest of a play. In those games you have to create your own character in game world.
With time characters are developing, or get to higher levels.About power of a character decides not only its level and skill but also equipment, like weapon. To a success also has an input all kinds of weapons – swords, knifes, arc, armor. To have those weapons sometimes you have to buy them from developers. Users want to be better and have better power and so they buy additions. They built large accounts which will sooner or later interest hackers.
There is nothing strange that in the online games arised fully developed economics. In becoming an owner of items great role plays trade. Currency used in a game (usually virtual gold)is one of many  objects.
Perceived value and market price of items are quickly valued and actualizations of games and expansion packs, which are adding new objects. New items and new ways of getting them guarantee lack of stagnation on items market. Because of that game developers are following the market to maintain on it.
This market is characterized by quick development and big financial potential. So only the matter of time was when creators of viruses will be interested in it. While many of these items, accounts and currency offered for sale were sold by their owners, constituted a large part of the illegal gains from phishing attacks.
To sum up it is better to play online browser games, such as skill games because you will be sure that you will not be attacted by hackers.