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Celebrities play browser games

Posted on Feb 10, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Stars we know from TV and cinema are the same people as we. Hard to believe? They do shopping, watch soap operas, cook and sleep. And of course they also play computer games! They love it, do it and enjoy it. Among celebrities playing games, we can mention actors, singers or sportsmen. They see in them not only the chance to earn money (through promotion games by their names), but also an amazing entertainment. Some of them are so much addicted that they can spend in front of computer long hours each day. They play browser games, skill games and other simple games that can be find online, but also more complicated with fable and challenging riddles. Let’s analyze the ‘gaming style’ of several famous people:
1) Gwyneth Paltrow – well known American singer and actress. As she said some time ago in interview to New York Times, playing games was not her big passion. She was to busy to have time for such entertainment. Nowadays, she is a fan of games on consoles (because of her children). She loves to play Mario and Nintendo sports games.
2) Arnold Schwarzenegger – former Governor of California and ex-actor. Before, a fierce opponent of gaming, now declares that appreciates skill games, mostly a virtual golf.
3) 50 Cent – a raper or a movie star? Answer isn’t as obvious, but obvious is that he also love playing skill games! As he said in one interview: “I like games, I spend a lot of time playing them, but I am not as good as I should be”.
4) Daniel Craig – the newest James Bond. As befits a true 007 agent he appreciates skill games. Unfortunately, too many duties makes that he does not have too much time to play games, additionally his girlfriend does not like such form of entertainment.
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online browser games and children

Posted on Feb 10, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

In 21st century Internet is main medium and we couldn’t imagine life without it. We use it at work, at home, to do shopping and to entertain. many says that life without Internet would be boring. There are many advantages of Internet but there are some drawback too. Online life give us many opportunities but it can also be dangerous. Grown ups are aware of that but children can’t sometimes see the line between good and bad. They don’t recognise what is safe and what can threatened them. Kids are susceptible to computer addiction especially to online games and online chatting.
There are very negative results of instatnt playing online games by children. Because they spend their free time on playing their social growth is very limited. While they should meet new people and learn how to get new friendships they sit in front of computer. They can always meet someone by Internet but this kind of contacts will never replace in-person contact. Kids need to learn how is social life, how to get new friends, deal with disagreement, fights but also leran what is love, hate. Relations with other people lead to growth and development of a child. While making online friends who like them in real life the can be true outcasts. Because of that we have to make sure that we will learn them about bad sites of online gaming and how harmful it can be. Secondly, spending too much time sitiing in front of computer can lead to sedentary life. No physical activity can’t give development. Instead of playing on playground with other children or playing basketball they sit and play basketball online. It isn’t even a small substitute for physical activity. Lack of exercise can lead to problems with spine, obesity and other health problems. Kids more active will be more developed than children who spend their free time playing online games Skill games can develope some kind of manual skills but still it can’t be a substitute. It is very important to inform and learn children how dangerous playing online browser games can be.
Sometimes even parents go crazy because of online gaming. Marriage from South Korea was so drawned in a game that they starved they child to death. Parents didn’t have time to take care of their baby because they played online game. Ironically the game depended on taking care of virtual baby. They were so involved and absorbed with game that they forgot about their real baby. Newborn was feeded only once on 12 hours, when the Internet cafe was closed.

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“There is a trend nowadays to play browser games”

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“There is a trend nowadays to play browser games” – this simple rhyme has amazing reflection in real life. Games are all over us – we are attacked by banners on our favourite info sites, at work, school, home or even when we use our Ipad in a bus. Have we got possibility not to play them – all those skill online browser games, so simple but addicting? Answer is simple – no we do not. We can fight with this constant advertising campaign but it will break us sooner or later. Another question you may ask is if it is dangerous. Browser game playing is an addiction like every stimulant. If spending  most of the day drinking alcohol or smoking can be named as an addiction, so can playing online browser games. There are people who can not stop themselves from entering browser and playing skill games – if somebody think of it all the time, he or she (yes, women also play online games) is addicted. You should not think of playing browser games during your work, school, dinner or date – it is wrong and you have to fight it back. There is something like real life – live it, and make those omnipresent browser games only an addition. Balance your life and everything is going to be all right.

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