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Games You play when Your girlfriend is not around

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Hey guys! I truly belief, that this post will interest mostly male part of players society. I gonna discuss quite controversial topic of sex aspects in games. As it is commonly known sex attract attention. It runs through every aspects of our life. Is full of it on TV, in ads or newspapers. Erotic scenes, virtual stripteases and more are also common in games. Playing every type of games, I mean browser games, as tetris (but rather sextris), skill games or any other easily available online ones, we can find a lot of women, scantily dressed or even totally naked. The subject of porno games is well known from many years and I am sure that many of You play them when yours girlfriends are not around :) .
Which is your favourite one? Maybe one of my “top erotic games” ranking? Let’s see:
1) Strip poker
You and some sexy girl next to one table. Each time when one of you lose, have to take off some part of clothes. Try hard.. If you win girl will be totally naked.
2) Erotic Island
We can call it: adventure game. You play as not very handsome, but really rich man, who after his father’s death is trying to found guilty. On his way he meets many beautiful girls. Great proposition for fans of stronger emotions.

3) Lula: the Sexy Empire
I think that the most classic and popular game with erotic elements. Lula, commonly known as famous producer of porn movies, this time is opening a new business. Do not you wanna help her?

This type of games rise and for a long will raise emotions. Their proponents argue that erotic games show only one of many aspects of human life, nothing extraordinary. Moreover, this games are only for adult players. And what do You think about it?

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