Posted on Feb 16, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Game tester

If you love playing games perfect job for you is game tester. It’s a great opportunity to earn some money. You can do what you love the most and get paid for it. Nowadays game expert is one of the most sought professionals on the market. Game tester is a person who tests the game in terms of quality, stability or performance, through level of difficulty, lenght and other particulars which may have influence on gaming. Then the whole team of testers check first versions of game. Each tester have to create a raport of found mistakes- parameters of the computer on which miskate has appeared, list of logs, description of what have happened, when it happened. Raports are forwarwed to the main tester, who is systematizing and passing them to a main programer. Testers are checking not only video games, computer games but also online browser games. Browser games are not so complicated as other kinds of games but also needs checking. For example skill games are checked by their quality, stability, level of difficulty and chalenge. Tester need to have some special skills. Game testers must be computer literate. Candidates with experience in programming, digital animation and foreign languages are given preference and higher wages. But you have to take into consideration  that being a tester demands lot of time. Working 80-100 per week is the norm.

Testers make an average annual salary of $32,000 when they have three or fewer years of experience in the industry. Veterans who proved their skills and professionalism may expect salaries to average around $50,000 annually once they have four or more years of work on their resume.