Posted on Mar 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Till the World ends
I am at work at this first day of a new month – march. Imagine that I have come here, into my office, by city-bus, where I was ear-witness of a bit disturbing conversation. I heard that the world is going to end this year, and it was said by a lady which (i suppose) was great fun of catholic church. I understand – Mayans, Alines, Sun.. but God wants to deal with us this year too? I such moments of reflection about transistory of life, I thing about hours spent on playing online browser games (which are my favourite), studying and doing many other needless things. I do not now if ability to play skill games or writing articles will be needed somewhere where we will be taken after the end, so from today I will do those stuff less. I meant writing, because I will not resign from playing my favourite online browser games. it is stronger than philosophical life reflections. If I am happy playing video games, why can’t I play. I understand that there are things to see or be part of before our civilization ends, but if I like playing skill games, is it wrong to do this? If we all going to stop to exist and generally we have no ability to do anything crucial,  we should live our favourite liefs to the end.That is what I was thinking in a bus today, thanks to this old lady.. Before that it was just normal, happy day.