Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Deserted wife syndrome

New York Times reports the observed by the researchers “deserted wife syndrome”. At the beginning of autumn, many married women complain that they are neglected by their husbands. It is because of that in autumn men usually start to spend more time at home in front of computer. During summer they spend time outside and with their close friends and wifes. But when outside it is starting to get colder they sit in front of computer and start play online browser games or video games. Their wifes are starting to be very angry about it because their husbands spend more time with games then with their beloved ones. Wifes feel lonely and deserted. They are doing their best to distract men from the games but with no result. Their husband are so draw in the games for example skill games that they don’t react on any attemps. So what to do in that kind os situation? It is very hard to say but some of the researches say that wifes should start play with their husbands. They will spend more time together and after a while playing for husbands won’t be so interesting as it was before.