Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

How to cheat in online games
Everyone would like to get better scores in their favourite online browser games. But not everyone has skills to do that. Sometimes game is so hard to pass that palyer gives up because he can’t get on another level. And then we have 3 ways to deal with that situation.
First way is just developing your skills. But not everyone is able to do that and end the whole game. Another way is to simply cheat in the games. You can change statistics in games, highscores or number of weapons. First way of cheating is to download a add to your browser. After installing it you have to restart your browser. After that operation we open our favourite online game and we play. After ending play and when the window with our score will open you have to just run a tool (add to your browser) and change the score. You can use that method in skill games where score is one and only gratification.Second way to change different kind od things for example- gold, amunition, weapons in games is to get a special program (Cheat Engine). With its help we can change the amount of gold or other stuff. The rule is simple, you have to open a game, play it to see for example where the difference in amounts is and on which position it takes. Then we will discover the value which relates to changing value and we can write amount which we would like the most. Of course this number must be converted.