Professional players have pilot’s time reaction and smoker’s lungs

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Research conducted at the University of Essex has shown that professional online game players have a reaction rate comparable to fighter pilots, but they have tragic physical condition.
The studies were conducted by Dr. Dominic Mickelwrighta during Gadget Show Live at NEC, according to the document “eAthletes” created by BBC Radio Four. Dr. Mickelwright, director of sports studies, physical performance and fatigue in the Department of Biological Sciences University of Essex found that although the psychological attitude and time reaction of player reaches levels of professional athletes, the physical condition is much below average. This is not especially surprising in total, but researchers are scared of very poor condition of professional players.
Quoted by Dr. Mickelwrighta example of a player before thirty who looked slim and healthy and had a body which resembles a marathon runner… but he had a lung function and condition of sixty heavy smoker. So as we can see the appearance and time reaction can’t be a determinants of good condition. So if you like playing online browser games or skill games you have to remember that you have to be also physically active. Remeber that sport is very good for our health and after playing online game for few hours go to swim or run for your own good.
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Irritated? Play something!

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear readers! it is eight in the morning – can you imagine? i do not know if you wonder sometimes (I do) about how many hours do we spent in buses and trams, how long do we stay at work and why do we have to wake up so early every day? Results of my thinking are always so depressing, that I do not have a will to live like this any more. It is sixth day in a row, during which I woke up at six, went to work and now I am sitting here playing online games, so doing nothing productive. After this I will pack my stuff and go home, eat something, play sill games and go to sleep. And next day will be this same. And then another, ans so on till the retirement. Do you thing it will be easier? No it won’t! Such a decreasing in home economy cause only more depression and finally death. I do not want this – I do not want to be like all those people without life, just sitting at work and cheating on their employers bu playing online browser games in time they should be productive! I want to be rich and wealthy, so I can develop my hobbies and live peacefully! Unfortunately it is a life which verifies that,so my only choice is to wait patiently for my chance to go forward, to do something more. Thank God somebody invented skill games, so I can kill the time and irritation while waiting.
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