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Satisfaction at work

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In a company, in which I work, I am, among many others, responsible for writing texts, which is boisterously called:”copywriting”. Of course I usually play online browser games, but sometimes I have to write something, and there is where problems show their true face. Do you know how hard is it to write about legal stuff in ten different articles? Probably you do not, because you have finished better specializations than me, and now you are doing your accounting or marketing stuff. I tell you – writing about one subject in ten text, throughout whole day is more difficult than anything you know about. I would call it skill game, because it requires more skills and logical predispositions than any online browser game. But there are positive sites of this work – I am very satisfied with the results – only few hours, and Web is ten articles more reach than it was before. My satisfaction will last only till my boss mark quality of those texts, but for now I am happy with my professional life, tired like after playing skill game and I want to share those feelings with you (before I will spend rest of the day playing online browser games). I wish you such satisfaction, maybe even more often! Cheers!
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How playing online games helps in career

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Elliot Noss, Director of Internet domain provided by Tucows, for five months was trained to become a better leader. How? Playing for six, seven hours a week in ”World of Warcraft”.

  In “World of Warcraft” are a lot of situations where you have to demonstrate leadership skills - says Noss. When we participate in an attack, which is guided by ineffective leader, it is easy to see how valuable management skills are, the appropriate preparation and establishing a clear hierarchy to know who has what role.
We all believe that playing online browser games is not helping in education or in work and that it is only distracting us.  However, there is a school, according to which, playing online browser games in moderation and in spare time can help us get success in professional life.
It turns out that the best results get young people, who come to the work teams with the experience acquired in the online games all the time. They feel motivated to pursue new challenges and closely track the performance indicators - explains JohnHagel, one of the presidents of the center of technology strategy at Deloitte. Hagel examined the effect of playing online games, such as skill games on young people’s performance in the workplace.Games also pose an unexpected challenge to players and force them to cope with new situations. Players learn how to respond to new challenges and look for them to grow.They also learn how to improvise, which will  make them easier to show their creativity during solving problems that are not described in the company handbook.
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Online games from player point of view

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Online Games

Official definition of online games sounds “online gaming is a technology rather than a genre, a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a particular pattern of gameplay”. Let’s take a look what this words mean for real players. Are they agree?
1) Jack, 22, Warsaw: “No.. online games are not only a technology. They are more a way of entertainment, addictive gameplay, chance for relieve emotions and internal tension. They always make mu fun, no matter if I have only few minutes to play them or long hours, because of laying sick in my bed. It also easy way to compete with my friend without leaving house, thanks to our favourite games we can be in touch every time”.
2) Philip, 18, Berlin: “To be honest, I have become a fan of online games recently. Why I like them? Mhm.. maybe because of theirs easily available, I can play them every time, even when I stuck in traffic during rush hours or when I wait in queue to a doctor. Thanks God I have got my IPhone and online games!”
3) Anna, 20, Wienn: “Online games more a technology and mechanism for connecting players together? Mechanism?! No way.. I have never thought about them like about mechanism. For sure it is something more. A day without playing is a lost day. Emotions, fun, friends, competition.. all this factors mix in one sentence “online games”.”
As we see, book definitions not always reflect reality.
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