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We are not gods

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I must say, that we are far away from God. I have in mind that we create things, like online browser game, but he created much more! He created world, animals and finally us, with all the love, hate and stuff like this. We wont be able to create characters with so complex personality, but we can influence ours, like by playing skill games online. Do you know this feeling when you play something and you emotions just go higher and higher? This adrenaline shot, this sense of competition. I just love it! I love playing online browser games to make myself feeling alive (I know, this sounds weird, but playing online browser games makes me fill it, really!). So, back to the core, I agree that God is one and only (does not matter how we call him), and we should not try to imitate him. Creating intelligent programmes, machines is very dangerous, and we should stop doing such things. Haven’t you watched terminator? I am afraid that it could become real some day. That is why we should stay at this level of development – drugs, technology and online browser games – that is all, we do not anything else. We have to be more pious. There are even religious skill games, so you can, you really have such possibility!
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