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Birthday dilemma

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Browser Games, Skill Games

Help! I am invited on my friend birthday party.. I have no idea what to buy. We are not really close friends, more a school mates, and therefore I do not know anything about his interests. Do you think that buying someone a computer game is a good idea? Personally I love playing games, but what if he does not? Maybe I will buy him some classic game, that everyone like.. oh.. I do not really know. If I invite someone on my birthday I will enjoy any kind of game, skill game, strategic game, car racing game etc. Maybe with games is the same as with books, CDs and perfumes – it is really hard to get is someone’s tastes. Never mind.. I will think about it later – now it is a right time for short break with my new favourite browser game :) See U!
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