Posted on Feb 8, 2013 in Online Games

So yeah, we are still very busy with our new free online gameFeed the Frog. You know how it is – there’s a lot of research to be done with live frogs, throwing candy at them, making sure they don’t hide in the coffee machine (the usual gamedev stuff). That aside, all is going well and we can even show you the game’s main characters: the lovable frogs!

Ah, yes, the five famine-struck buggers are what drives our project. They all love sweets and at the same time they are filled with burning hatred for all vegetables and fruits (games for women – aiming at all the wrong subconscious desires). Thank God that diabetes isn’t a problem in the land of candy or else they wouldn’t live long enough to even see their name on the endangered species list.

As for the “greengrocer’s gang”, well, it’s your standard bunch of vitamin-packed apples, pears, celery and carrots – all fighting for a tooth decay-free world (and failing miserably). At least they now how to go down with a smile.

And that’s pretty much it. Till next time!