Posted on Feb 13, 2013 in Online Games

Last time we only mentioned the merciless gang of vitamin-packed ruffians that roam the world of Feed the Frog – our upcoming online game. Now it’s time for you to look them in the face… peel… whatever! 

Yes, now you get to see the “villains” in full form: the furious apple, the maniacal celeriac, the mischievous carrot and the ruthless pear. Well, maybe they’re not all that bad, but still, you will be kicking the seeds out of those poor guys. Might as well tell you the scores:

  • apples disappear with one hit and are worth 100 PTS
  • celeriac also goes down with one hit, but he’s worth 120 PTS
  • carrots are made of tougher fibers and can withstand to punches. The first hit gives you 150 PTS and the second 200 PTS
  • pears are the real tough-guys falling down after three shots. For this boulder-of-a-fruit you can get 150 PTS,  200 PTS and 250 PTS with each successful hit

So, yeah, that’s all you need to know for now. Remember kids, don’t fear the greens in your fridge – they are the terrified ones.