In space no one can hear you win

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Online Games

Or was it that no one can hear your moaning whenever you get served badly by the game? I can never get those sayings right… Never mind! I come to you today in piece, offering the intergalactic gift of pure joy. Get cosmically awestruck by the sheer amount of pleasure you can get from breaking bricks!


To be perfectly honest I simply want to humor you with some tips & tricks regarding our really fun game Cosmic Ball. As you’ve probably noticed it’s a title based on the longtime classic Arkanoid. You get to control a space-paddle used to bounce a ball that can destroy multi-colored bricks, until you clear at least 80% of the map (at this point a wormhole opens, leading to the next level). To make things more interesting some bricks contain special power ups that can either aid you or turn the gameplay into a nightmare.

First thing’s first: I need to warn you that beginners may find the bonus elements pretty confusing. It’s mainly because you’ll need to recognize each power up that falls in order to know which ones to grab and which to avoid whenever possible. There’s quite a few of them, either effecting the ball, the paddle or even giving/taking lives. You should always be on the lookout for the ones that grant extra lives, bonus points or positively modify your ball (making it frozen, big or on fire). On the other hand be wary of nasty stuff like the reverse-paddle thingy, as well as the take-a-life-away-because-I-feel-like-destroying-your-game-today bonus (that last one especially). I can assure you that after a game or two you’ll be recognizing them all with ease.

It’s worth noting that whenever you get struck with a bad power up you can almost always counter its effect simply with a different bonus. Of course the same goes for positive specials, so try not to be too greedy with grabbing everything that falls down.

As for ball bouncing and shooting the only good advice I can give you is to aim for all those nooks and crannies that may launch the ball into a locked area where it will wreak havoc. This tactic will ensure that you’ll get lots of points in a short time. All you need to do is watch the destruction and grab whatever loot comes down.

And that’s pretty much it I suppose. Just go out there and have fun with Cosmic Ball.