Did my mom go crazy??

Posted on Mar 21, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

It was first time in my life when I saw my mom playing computer games! It was not even simple computer game as some solitaire or saper.. she played some online browser game! How she did it? She do not even know how to use the Internet – the only thing she can do without anyone help is checking her e-mail. My mom went crazy or someone helped her? And why she decided to start playing online games after 50..? I was so shocked that I did not ask her about it. Usually when I come home, dinner is waiting for my and my mom is reading newspapers or watching TV, but never plays games. What has changed? I will try to explain it, but I think that parents would have never stop surprise us.
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Birthday dilemma

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Browser Games, Skill Games

Help! I am invited on my friend birthday party.. I have no idea what to buy. We are not really close friends, more a school mates, and therefore I do not know anything about his interests. Do you think that buying someone a computer game is a good idea? Personally I love playing games, but what if he does not? Maybe I will buy him some classic game, that everyone like.. oh.. I do not really know. If I invite someone on my birthday I will enjoy any kind of game, skill game, strategic game, car racing game etc. Maybe with games is the same as with books, CDs and perfumes – it is really hard to get is someone’s tastes. Never mind.. I will think about it later – now it is a right time for short break with my new favourite browser game :) See U!
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Phenomenon of multiplayer browser games!

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Rivalry, competition, emotions.. who does not love it! Multiplayer browser games give us the opportunity to play in a few people using the network – what mean that we do not even need to leave home! Sounds great, huh?:) Multiplayer online games we can define as a games that can be played via the Internet with people all over the world. Among them we can mention: fights games, sports games, car racing games, strategy video games, skill games and more. Players might be independent opponents or formed into teams, all depends on the kind of game. As we see, in a variety of different browser games, players can individually compete against other players (two or more), work cooperatively with others in order to achieve common goals or create a team to play against a computer. What is the best, multiplayer games allow players to enjoy interaction with other individuals, create with them partnerships and even virtual, social communities. No matter of the fact that I am a big fan of shuttle to bubbles and other simple, one-player, browser games, I always enjoy playing multiplayer games. They give me a feeling of being a part of some group. Ability to compete with other encourages me to play them.
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What is the difference between online games and browser games?

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Many people confuse this two terms, so we decided  to explain the differences between them. Online games can be define as games that we play by using the Internet. They can range from simple text based games to games involving complex graphics, special effects, music soundtrack and virtual communities consisting of players from all over the world. As we see, online games are not only technology that allows players to play but also online communities, making online games a form of social activity. During last years they have become more popular because of development in Java and Flash areas and due to the fact that nowadays access to the Internet is common, that most of the people have it. Online games can be divided into:
- strategy games,
- cross-platform games,
- browser games,
- Massively multiplayer online games (MMOG).
On the list above we can find browser games – a computer games that are played over the Internet using a web browser. The same as online games can be single-player or multiplayer. However, among browser games single-player are more common and among online games on the contrary multiplayer. Another difference between them is that, online games can be played over some form of computer networks, not only on the Internet like browser games do. Moreover browser games are often played in more frequent, shorter sessions compared to strategy online games. I hope, that now most of You will understand the differences between online and browser games.
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How playing online games helps in career

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Elliot Noss, Director of Internet domain provided by Tucows, for five months was trained to become a better leader. How? Playing for six, seven hours a week in ”World of Warcraft”.

  In “World of Warcraft” are a lot of situations where you have to demonstrate leadership skills - says Noss. When we participate in an attack, which is guided by ineffective leader, it is easy to see how valuable management skills are, the appropriate preparation and establishing a clear hierarchy to know who has what role.
We all believe that playing online browser games is not helping in education or in work and that it is only distracting us.  However, there is a school, according to which, playing online browser games in moderation and in spare time can help us get success in professional life.
It turns out that the best results get young people, who come to the work teams with the experience acquired in the online games all the time. They feel motivated to pursue new challenges and closely track the performance indicators - explains JohnHagel, one of the presidents of the center of technology strategy at Deloitte. Hagel examined the effect of playing online games, such as skill games on young people’s performance in the workplace.Games also pose an unexpected challenge to players and force them to cope with new situations. Players learn how to respond to new challenges and look for them to grow.They also learn how to improvise, which will  make them easier to show their creativity during solving problems that are not described in the company handbook.
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What was the first game ever made? – that is the question..

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

There are numerous debates over what was the first game and who created it. The evolution of games represents technological changes taking place over the years. It all started with a simple video games. The first of them began to appear around 1940s, what mean that more than 70 years ago! However, It is hard to state clearly which game was really the first. There are still ongoing disputes between fans of games and the same time experts in gaming history. In 1947 was created a games called “Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device”. Long name, huh? It was the earliest known interactive electronic game created by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. It was a simple kind of simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II. It used analog circuitry, not digital, but for that times it was a real phenomenon! This same year British mathematician Alan M. Turing developed a theoretical computer chess program. Actually he made only a basic program (nowadays called Turing machine) and then his friend Dietrich Prinz wrote it as the first limited program of chess. Unfortunately there was many problems with the “game”, so it was not enough powerful to play a full game. In the picture we can see people playing a “Pong” game. Maybe it was not the first game ever made, but it is one of the earliest arcade video games, that because of its two-demension graphics started to be more common between people, than its predecossors. Many years passed before on the market appeared online games, not to mention browser ones. They start to be popular during 90s. Then become first person-shooter games that allows players to compete with each other using the web. As the World Wide Web developed also browser games become more popular. Next to the many simple, single-player games were creating more complicated, that used web servers to allow to play in a multiplayer games.
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