Birthday dilemma

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Browser Games, Skill Games

Help! I am invited on my friend birthday party.. I have no idea what to buy. We are not really close friends, more a school mates, and therefore I do not know anything about his interests. Do you think that buying someone a computer game is a good idea? Personally I love playing games, but what if he does not? Maybe I will buy him some classic game, that everyone like.. oh.. I do not really know. If I invite someone on my birthday I will enjoy any kind of game, skill game, strategic game, car racing game etc. Maybe with games is the same as with books, CDs and perfumes – it is really hard to get is someone’s tastes. Never mind.. I will think about it later – now it is a right time for short break with my new favourite browser game :) See U!
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Phenomenon of multiplayer browser games!

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Rivalry, competition, emotions.. who does not love it! Multiplayer browser games give us the opportunity to play in a few people using the network – what mean that we do not even need to leave home! Sounds great, huh?:) Multiplayer online games we can define as a games that can be played via the Internet with people all over the world. Among them we can mention: fights games, sports games, car racing games, strategy video games, skill games and more. Players might be independent opponents or formed into teams, all depends on the kind of game. As we see, in a variety of different browser games, players can individually compete against other players (two or more), work cooperatively with others in order to achieve common goals or create a team to play against a computer. What is the best, multiplayer games allow players to enjoy interaction with other individuals, create with them partnerships and even virtual, social communities. No matter of the fact that I am a big fan of shuttle to bubbles and other simple, one-player, browser games, I always enjoy playing multiplayer games. They give me a feeling of being a part of some group. Ability to compete with other encourages me to play them.
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How playing online games helps in career

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Elliot Noss, Director of Internet domain provided by Tucows, for five months was trained to become a better leader. How? Playing for six, seven hours a week in ”World of Warcraft”.

  In “World of Warcraft” are a lot of situations where you have to demonstrate leadership skills - says Noss. When we participate in an attack, which is guided by ineffective leader, it is easy to see how valuable management skills are, the appropriate preparation and establishing a clear hierarchy to know who has what role.
We all believe that playing online browser games is not helping in education or in work and that it is only distracting us.  However, there is a school, according to which, playing online browser games in moderation and in spare time can help us get success in professional life.
It turns out that the best results get young people, who come to the work teams with the experience acquired in the online games all the time. They feel motivated to pursue new challenges and closely track the performance indicators - explains JohnHagel, one of the presidents of the center of technology strategy at Deloitte. Hagel examined the effect of playing online games, such as skill games on young people’s performance in the workplace.Games also pose an unexpected challenge to players and force them to cope with new situations. Players learn how to respond to new challenges and look for them to grow.They also learn how to improvise, which will  make them easier to show their creativity during solving problems that are not described in the company handbook.
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Professional players have pilot’s time reaction and smoker’s lungs

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Research conducted at the University of Essex has shown that professional online game players have a reaction rate comparable to fighter pilots, but they have tragic physical condition.
The studies were conducted by Dr. Dominic Mickelwrighta during Gadget Show Live at NEC, according to the document “eAthletes” created by BBC Radio Four. Dr. Mickelwright, director of sports studies, physical performance and fatigue in the Department of Biological Sciences University of Essex found that although the psychological attitude and time reaction of player reaches levels of professional athletes, the physical condition is much below average. This is not especially surprising in total, but researchers are scared of very poor condition of professional players.
Quoted by Dr. Mickelwrighta example of a player before thirty who looked slim and healthy and had a body which resembles a marathon runner… but he had a lung function and condition of sixty heavy smoker. So as we can see the appearance and time reaction can’t be a determinants of good condition. So if you like playing online browser games or skill games you have to remember that you have to be also physically active. Remeber that sport is very good for our health and after playing online game for few hours go to swim or run for your own good.
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How to cheat in online games

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Everyone would like to get better scores in their favourite online browser games. But not everyone has skills to do that. Sometimes game is so hard to pass that palyer gives up because he can’t get on another level. And then we have 3 ways to deal with that situation.
First way is just developing your skills. But not everyone is able to do that and end the whole game. Another way is to simply cheat in the games. You can change statistics in games, highscores or number of weapons. First way of cheating is to download a add to your browser. After installing it you have to restart your browser. After that operation we open our favourite online game and we play. After ending play and when the window with our score will open you have to just run a tool (add to your browser) and change the score. You can use that method in skill games where score is one and only gratification.Second way to change different kind od things for example- gold, amunition, weapons in games is to get a special program (Cheat Engine). With its help we can change the amount of gold or other stuff. The rule is simple, you have to open a game, play it to see for example where the difference in amounts is and on which position it takes. Then we will discover the value which relates to changing value and we can write amount which we would like the most. Of course this number must be converted.
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Games – a kind of emotional therapy?

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

The pastor of a small parish in Kansas had encouraged believers to buy consoles for their children. After that he had opened consoles shop. It offered a modern Nintendo equipment in promotional and very attractive prices. It attracted attention of the local police – they were suspecting that all this equipment come from some illegal sources. Finally, it turned out that they were totally legal and their low price was because pastor covered significant cost of every console. Why he made it? As he said “Our research shows that teens who spend a lot of time playing any kind of games (browser games, skill games, racing games etc.), are less likely to get pregnant”.
Probably, Ogyen Trinley Dorje (Lama Karampa), a Buddhist and one of China’s most respected religious leaders would agree with him. This friendly, 24-year-old guy
has recently visited India, where he gave a lecture about the dangers of the modern world. What could be surprising, he spoke very positively about games: “I see it as a kind of the emotional therapy. When someone is full of negative feelings and thoughts should reach for computer games, they help to reduce internal tension and get rid of the negative emotions”.
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