Irritated? Play something!

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear readers! it is eight in the morning – can you imagine? i do not know if you wonder sometimes (I do) about how many hours do we spent in buses and trams, how long do we stay at work and why do we have to wake up so early every day? Results of my thinking are always so depressing, that I do not have a will to live like this any more. It is sixth day in a row, during which I woke up at six, went to work and now I am sitting here playing online games, so doing nothing productive. After this I will pack my stuff and go home, eat something, play sill games and go to sleep. And next day will be this same. And then another, ans so on till the retirement. Do you thing it will be easier? No it won’t! Such a decreasing in home economy cause only more depression and finally death. I do not want this – I do not want to be like all those people without life, just sitting at work and cheating on their employers bu playing online browser games in time they should be productive! I want to be rich and wealthy, so I can develop my hobbies and live peacefully! Unfortunately it is a life which verifies that,so my only choice is to wait patiently for my chance to go forward, to do something more. Thank God somebody invented skill games, so I can kill the time and irritation while waiting.
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Playing neighborhood

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

My dear friends I do not know if you are aware, but you have neighbours! Are you? That is great! From today I am to! My new neighbour Is such a big fan of playing online browser games! He moved in three days ago, and started playing some skill games right away (I recognized from the sound) so loud, I could not read, write, watch TV, I just could listened to the sounds of his gaming and irritation. I hold out for about 24 hours, and went to him. as a very peaceful and polite person (not when I am playing online games, but generally) I asked him gentle if he could play a bit quieter, but he said it is my legal obligation to let him do whatever he wants from six a.m. till 10p.m. I got back to my apartment, and heard that from now on I will have love parade behind my wall. He started to play his skill games, but in accompaniment of techno and disco music. I don’t want to offend anybody, but it was easier to listen to japan-like browser games soundtracks. I do not understand how stupid people can be! I can imagine that in a village he came from he lived in a barn, but why he transferred his customs into our crowded neibhourhood. I spoke to my other neighbours – nobody likes him, and he live here for about five days. I thing that most people in my house are not so calm as I am, and they have little children, ergo – he will not live here long without any harm. To sum it up, I beg you – be free in your four walls, but remember that somebody lives behind them.
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modern methods for stress relieve

Posted on Mar 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I like beer and playing online games. You can sue me if you want, but those are my favourite hobbies. Yesterday, and it was not Friday, I have opened the floodgate to both those things. Shame on me, but if you have something that could be named as life dilemma, and you happened to be a guy, you just feel a need to fight with this depression in  a group of friends, who have similar interests. So I invited them, and after first two bottle I have forgotten about all my problems. It is great – girlfriends and wives all over the world – this is how men deal with their demons – let them do this! The greatest dimension is not having all those original beers (which were Dutch fruit beers, German whites, and Polish lagers) but competition during playing all those skill games in the Web. You see, I have a projector, which generally boost all the fun. We’ve played so many online browser games that I can not count, but I remember one, which was basically based on throwing a ball into a basket for points – I have never had so much fun (especially after beers). I must say that it somehow imprinted on my psychic and I am playing it till today (even during writing). So, to sum it all up – I am no longer depressed, I have a little hangover, my neighbours and wife hates me, My eyes hurts so much, but I getting better in playing basketball skill game! Life is beautiful.
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Till the World ends

Posted on Mar 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am at work at this first day of a new month – march. Imagine that I have come here, into my office, by city-bus, where I was ear-witness of a bit disturbing conversation. I heard that the world is going to end this year, and it was said by a lady which (i suppose) was great fun of catholic church. I understand – Mayans, Alines, Sun.. but God wants to deal with us this year too? I such moments of reflection about transistory of life, I thing about hours spent on playing online browser games (which are my favourite), studying and doing many other needless things. I do not now if ability to play skill games or writing articles will be needed somewhere where we will be taken after the end, so from today I will do those stuff less. I meant writing, because I will not resign from playing my favourite online browser games. it is stronger than philosophical life reflections. If I am happy playing video games, why can’t I play. I understand that there are things to see or be part of before our civilization ends, but if I like playing skill games, is it wrong to do this? If we all going to stop to exist and generally we have no ability to do anything crucial,  we should live our favourite liefs to the end.That is what I was thinking in a bus today, thanks to this old lady.. Before that it was just normal, happy day.
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Playing browser games is beneficial!

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you thing that playing online browser games can positively influence our personal lives? I must say, that just a few weeks ago I had been doubting that, but suddenly it changed. I realized that playing them have many different beneficial effects, which affect different dimensions of our existence. If you play skill games, you will have more self-confidence, and because of that you will be more successful in your work and personal life. If you play some time of the day (for example during a break at work) you will not be stressed, so your contacts with clients and coworkers will be much more effective. Relaxation caused by online browser games can improve your analytics and generally mind skills, so it positively affects reaching goals at work. Playing skill games can of course influence your relationship with the family and friends. You will not get mad with your wife or kids due to some silly reasons – because you will unload all your frustrations in browser game. On my own example I can say that it is working, just like martial arts trainings in the gym (but active training is healthier). We should although look out, because skill games can addict. Abstention from playing can increase your irritation and cause opposite effects to those we would expect – so please watch out when you will try  this way of therapy, but try due to its easiness and effectiveness.
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Browser games in Poland

Posted on Feb 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been to Poland? I know that you have probably heard about this country – maybe you have read about it in some newspaper, or you have played online browser game which action took place in Poland, that is not matter – hearing about is not similar to being to. As you (I hope so) know, I work in a kind of a company, which is responsible for some programming stuff and i am fun of killing my time by playing skill games. Why am i saying that and why is it connected to Poland? I hereby pronounce, that my firm have sent me to Poland, Which is in the west of eastern Europe, and I mus t say that I was positively surprised. Generally country is very green and people are friendlier than in any other country I have been to. Unfortunately, despite few visits in polish pubs (they have great beer I must admit) I hadn’t got a possibility to do sightseeing. Fortunately loneliness in a hotel room with polish built in computer gave me a chance to play Slavic  browser games. I do not know if it is because of many wars they took part in, but they make great skill games and other online games. Amazing scenarios, aesthetic graphics – in one word AWESOME! Fortunately online browser games are avoidable all over the world, so I can play them at my couch in very stable and boring (opposite to Poland) England.
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