Everything is changing

Posted on Mar 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is so great outside! Winter is gone and there are people wearing short sleeve everywhere. I must say that I am astonished by how everything is changing all over me – just like in some online browser game. One day I have to wear warm parka, another I am in my favourite t-shirt, enjoying the sun! I like high temperatures, but do it really must come so quickly – I am afraid of hypothermia. Ok, I know, I am grumpy today, but I just have lost in my personal best skill game – it moved me to thoughts, that everything is variable, and there are no sure things and I hate when world is changing fast. I have lost, playing online browser game with twelve years old kid from Egypt – isn’t that unusual? It is not nowadays, but few years ago it would be like oriental. And this is about everything – traditions are changing, food also, music as well – I, man from small, provincial village, can not stand it! I like things to be constant, like my past results in skill games. You have probably noticed that I have some kind of spring depression (of course I have nothing against warm months), but think for a while – do you like that world is going forward so fast? No? I thought so! So – to sum up – enjoy the sun and don’t be depressed, but do not support fast life and take care of tradition!
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Did my mom go crazy??

Posted on Mar 21, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

It was first time in my life when I saw my mom playing computer games! It was not even simple computer game as some solitaire or saper.. she played some online browser game! How she did it? She do not even know how to use the Internet – the only thing she can do without anyone help is checking her e-mail. My mom went crazy or someone helped her? And why she decided to start playing online games after 50..? I was so shocked that I did not ask her about it. Usually when I come home, dinner is waiting for my and my mom is reading newspapers or watching TV, but never plays games. What has changed? I will try to explain it, but I think that parents would have never stop surprise us.
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Birthday dilemma

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Browser Games, Skill Games

Help! I am invited on my friend birthday party.. I have no idea what to buy. We are not really close friends, more a school mates, and therefore I do not know anything about his interests. Do you think that buying someone a computer game is a good idea? Personally I love playing games, but what if he does not? Maybe I will buy him some classic game, that everyone like.. oh.. I do not really know. If I invite someone on my birthday I will enjoy any kind of game, skill game, strategic game, car racing game etc. Maybe with games is the same as with books, CDs and perfumes – it is really hard to get is someone’s tastes. Never mind.. I will think about it later – now it is a right time for short break with my new favourite browser game :) See U!
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Phenomenon of multiplayer browser games!

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Rivalry, competition, emotions.. who does not love it! Multiplayer browser games give us the opportunity to play in a few people using the network – what mean that we do not even need to leave home! Sounds great, huh?:) Multiplayer online games we can define as a games that can be played via the Internet with people all over the world. Among them we can mention: fights games, sports games, car racing games, strategy video games, skill games and more. Players might be independent opponents or formed into teams, all depends on the kind of game. As we see, in a variety of different browser games, players can individually compete against other players (two or more), work cooperatively with others in order to achieve common goals or create a team to play against a computer. What is the best, multiplayer games allow players to enjoy interaction with other individuals, create with them partnerships and even virtual, social communities. No matter of the fact that I am a big fan of shuttle to bubbles and other simple, one-player, browser games, I always enjoy playing multiplayer games. They give me a feeling of being a part of some group. Ability to compete with other encourages me to play them.
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Spring time

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

It was a great weekend! You know – first time after few months, when we had temperature above ten degrees, all the beer gardens were opened first from Autumn – just idyllic picture, I must say. I have finally left online browser games and went for a walk, on Saturday, and on Sunday. I had a few beers in nice atmosphere with my friends, and, what is the best, outside. We even had this idea of barbecue, but it turned out it is to cold in the evening. Generally my point is, that people change after winter – I remember that just a week ago we were playing skill games, drinking hot wine, and being afraid of going outside! I do not know anybody who like such life – warm months are definitely the most popular in my Country. So, we will now spent more time outside, but it does not mean I will play online browser games less. This is my hobby and I will not  leave it just because I can spent more time outdoor. No! I will simply play at night, because playing skill games is my way to relax myself! Because I am now at work I came up with another idea – I can play online browser games here. My boss did not notice that during the winter, so he will not notice it now – he is to busy not being happy about the change of the seasons. Ok, so you now know what to do during this beautiful aura – how to reconcile online browser games and weather. My mission is accomplish, so I will finally do something more job-able. I hate Mondays!
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We are not gods

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I must say, that we are far away from God. I have in mind that we create things, like online browser game, but he created much more! He created world, animals and finally us, with all the love, hate and stuff like this. We wont be able to create characters with so complex personality, but we can influence ours, like by playing skill games online. Do you know this feeling when you play something and you emotions just go higher and higher? This adrenaline shot, this sense of competition. I just love it! I love playing online browser games to make myself feeling alive (I know, this sounds weird, but playing online browser games makes me fill it, really!). So, back to the core, I agree that God is one and only (does not matter how we call him), and we should not try to imitate him. Creating intelligent programmes, machines is very dangerous, and we should stop doing such things. Haven’t you watched terminator? I am afraid that it could become real some day. That is why we should stay at this level of development – drugs, technology and online browser games – that is all, we do not anything else. We have to be more pious. There are even religious skill games, so you can, you really have such possibility!
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Senior player

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 in Online Games

Online browser games? What is it? – This is my grandmothers question she once asked me. In fact it was about a year ago, she was then seventy-five years old. Can you imagine? No, I am not upset that she did not know what it is, I am impressed by her curiosity! She asked because she heard my conversation with parents, who claim that I play too much skill games. After her question, their stopped focusing on me – we were all to shocked. I explained, even showed what online browser games are, and she even made some scores. She enjoyed it so much, that after some days she started attending computer and Internet using course for seniors at local University. She is now playing skill games better than me (not amazing, I have to work and she is retired) and she says that she has met a lot of new friends on the course. She enjoyed it so much, that now she is at the university more often than real students. I thing it is good that some old people like to develop themselves even in Autumn of their lives. I am also thankful for those people teaching them, because now I have shared language with my Grannie, even though still can not communicate with my parents.I want to be such senior (if i will be alive around my seventies).
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