“There is a trend nowadays to play browser games”

Posted on Feb 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

“There is a trend nowadays to play browser games” – this simple rhyme has amazing reflection in real life. Games are all over us – we are attacked by banners on our favourite info sites, at work, school, home or even when we use our Ipad in a bus. Have we got possibility not to play them – all those skill online browser games, so simple but addicting? Answer is simple – no we do not. We can fight with this constant advertising campaign but it will break us sooner or later. Another question you may ask is if it is dangerous. Browser game playing is an addiction like every stimulant. If spending  most of the day drinking alcohol or smoking can be named as an addiction, so can playing online browser games. There are people who can not stop themselves from entering browser and playing skill games – if somebody think of it all the time, he or she (yes, women also play online games) is addicted. You should not think of playing browser games during your work, school, dinner or date – it is wrong and you have to fight it back. There is something like real life – live it, and make those omnipresent browser games only an addition. Balance your life and everything is going to be all right.

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