My name is Shooter..Bubble Shooter!

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

I must admit, that I had never been computer games playing person – I’d tried few titles, but they hadn’t pulled me in. My maximum attachment time had been about a month, and only because I’d had problems with uninstalling this bloody program. Imagine that it all changed just about a year ago (and you must know that I am not so young any more)! Why? Because I discovered online browser games! It was very boring day at work – we had no goals to reach due to upcoming Christmas-new years eve season, and weather outside was cold and rainy. I tried to look for some funny stuff in the Internet and I found this banner of “best browser games ever”. I had nothing to loose – so I did entered and found myself in a world of multiple bright colors. OMG – how bright it was! By I was really bored – I gave it a chance. “Logical browser games – that sounds interesting” – I thought, and so I found my addiction. “Bubble shooter” is something between logical and skill games, simple, but very addictive. Player has to shoot color bubble into others, creating groups of three or more, and so points are collected. I really spent whole week playing this game! What is more, during Christmas I played this online browser addiction and after new years eve also! Since then it is my (not effective and ethical according to my boss) way to kill boredom at work! I can tell you now – I am game-addicted (but only this skill game fortunately)!


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