Cataloguing games

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 in Online Games

I must say that I am very impressed by the number of browser games available in the Internet. I do not know if you knew that, but there are plenty of methods of cataloguing all this stuff – it shows only about how big number of online browser games are we talking about. The criteria can come from gaming style – like skill games, strategic games, platform games etc – some of them can be mix of a few of those types, due to what we can create multidimensional matrix of game origin. Can you think of all those possible combination  - especially in times when it is hard to come up with any new idea of game scenario.Believe me  or not, but that is not all! Games can be also divided into their theme types, especially when we focus on browser games – and so we have Christmas games, Easter games, Valentine games, Holiday games etc. You probably know and tried to play some of them – distributing Christmas presents, collecting Easter eggs, shooting people with amour’s arrow or simply picking up girls on the beach – depending on time you played. So, did you play? If yes, I know have to skip of topic and beg you – GET A LIFE, try to live it in real world. Ok, but getting back to the topic, there are plenty of more methods of dividing online browser games and normal games also. My very favorite is smart-stupid methodology, and I use it to create my personal ranks of my favourite skill games. I am happy that I do not own any of gaming portals in the web – it would be very hard for me to write professionally about games, cataloguing them in more professional way.
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