Online games target group

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

You probably know that there are plenty of online browser games in the Web, but do you know why? I must say that it is great unknown for me to. Somebody must be very bored to create so many free, colorful skill games with no actual content. People, get a job or maybe – get a life! I do not thing that with any social life you will be able to produce so many trivial games. You may ask – ok, but why is he so negative today. I am, because I spent two hours of my precious (haha) day at work looking for some game which will be attention worthy. I found dozens of games – but none of them was worth playing for longer than once. I dressed up barbie, play with some pink dog, did some strange pictures – generally awful. Where are the times of pacman or snake – simple but skill games – my favourite browser games. Nowadays you will have to face para3D games full of ugly colors, but without any real chilling content. I do not know how about you, but I expect, that game which I will play during my working hours will make me relaxed and able to face my boss or stupid tasks I have to do every day. But no, there are hundreds of bored programmers who are ambushed to create some illogical stuff for retards or really small children without mouse-using ability. I beg you, intelligent IT-crowd , create online browser games for business people – they are your main target responders.
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