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What is the difference between online games and browser games?

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Many people confuse this two terms, so we decided  to explain the differences between them. Online games can be define as games that we play by using the Internet. They can range from simple text based games to games involving complex graphics, special effects, music soundtrack and virtual communities consisting of players from all over the world. As we see, online games are not only technology that allows players to play but also online communities, making online games a form of social activity. During last years they have become more popular because of development in Java and Flash areas and due to the fact that nowadays access to the Internet is common, that most of the people have it. Online games can be divided into:
- strategy games,
- cross-platform games,
- browser games,
- Massively multiplayer online games (MMOG).
On the list above we can find browser games – a computer games that are played over the Internet using a web browser. The same as online games can be single-player or multiplayer. However, among browser games single-player are more common and among online games on the contrary multiplayer. Another difference between them is that, online games can be played over some form of computer networks, not only on the Internet like browser games do. Moreover browser games are often played in more frequent, shorter sessions compared to strategy online games. I hope, that now most of You will understand the differences between online and browser games.
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