oldschool gaming

Posted on Feb 14, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

It is so difficult to find good time killer like in for example early nineties. Of course, we have now mobile consoles, computers and even online browser games (to play at work or school) but can it be compared to such classics like doom or mario – the best skill games ever? I would say no! Maybe I am old and do not have any idea about graphics engines and difficult, multilevel scenarios – maybe I don’t, but I am proud of it! I miss the times when only time killer at work was not browser game, but looking at watch. We were wondering – when I go back home, I will play Mario – will the record be bitten today? Even if you had ugly wife and devil’s children – you had some purpose to get back home. And now? You play skill games just where you are – and they are more difficult and absorbing than Mario! For me it is terrifying, but great picture of modern trends, which tends to globalize and make difficulties in every single aspect of our liefs. Terrible! How to live my life? Maybe I will play some browser game to relax.. Ups, I am sold, one of many:)

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