E-gambling, what is that?

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

If You are reading this sentence You are probably one of the players from wowin.com. Am I right? Have You ever wondering what is so exciting in earning money by playing browser games that You so much love it? In this post, I will try to answer this question. First of all I suppose that most of us really enjoy playing simple, browser, skill games. Shuttle to bubbles and collecting points Рthis is what we like. It is nothing but simple entertainment during short breaks at work or long leisure after stressful day. Secondly, because of our human nature we like competing with others, feeling better then our competitors and most of all being a winner. Games we can find at wowin.com, thanks to rankings, that are successively creating give us such possibility. After every game we can check our place at the scoreboard. As You probably know, in such games winner get money from the pot (of course, only if he earlier decided to play for cash). Is this way of earning a little sum of money really e-gambling? On the one hand, yes. We put money in order to start a game, then we play and if we win Рwe earn. Gambling harmfulness is commonly known: we can lose our whole fortune or addict to this. But it not really refer to playing online browser games. Earning money by shuttle bubbles or stacking blocks we can call as low-risky or quasi-hazard. It is more the way of entertainment and spending free time then real gambling. It allows us to feel a little bit risky, but within safe limits. In the worst case, we can lose only a few dollars, but instead of this gain a lot of fun.
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