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Have You ever hit Your computer?

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Browser Games

Mhm.. I have made it. I have made it too many times… It is not my fault that it is so hard to accept game over in my favourites browser games. I love playing them and I hate loosing. Sometimes, when I am too excited – despite the fact that I always move my body in the same way as my character in the game, for example I jump when it does… – because of being angry I am able to throw out my computer mouse or too rapidly close my laptop. In times when I used to have PC at home it was not random to kick him after loosing in some game. Curiously, why people are so excited about games. It is only virtual world. Yes I know, easy to say, but hard to do. You do not need to be addicted to games to get angry because of loosing. I envy people who by nature are so calm that do not get upset in spite of failures..
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