Are the games worth our time?

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

In recent years we can observe increasing interest in online gaming. As it is commonly known playing games absorb much time, but no matter of this we play them. What more, we almost love them. We love shuttle bubbles or stacking blocks and there is nothing bad at this. Regardless of the fact, that nowadays all of us live in hurry and are so busy that we should not spend our time at things, we do not really need to do, we do it. Instead of working, studying or even tidying up we play online browser games. It happens because they are one of the simplest form of entertainment – to relax we do not need to go out and spend money. What is more, they are easy to find – it is enough to search the web for few seconds, the rules are clear and we can play them as long as we want. Because of the fact that they do not have any complex fable, after every game over we can restart them and start from the beginning. Browser games should be theoretically treated as short breaks, but practically we spend with them more time then we were going to. But is there anything wrong? I do not think so. In life the whole point is to do what we really like and what make us happy and if games do it, we should not resign from them.
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