Eyesight and computer games

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Hello everyone! Today, few simple advices what do to protect our eyes from harmful effects of playing computer games. As we know, (unfortunately :( ) our favourite entertainment is not always as good for our health as we would like to. Long hours spending in the front of computer can damage our eyesight… What to do to take care of our eyes without resigning the games? Let’s see:
1) Take a few-minutes break after every hour spending in the front of the computer screen by looking off into the distance.
2)  Close your eyes for a moment, every time you feel them ache.
3) Keep the proper distance of the monitor from your eyes between 16 to 30 inches.
4) Make sure that the top of the monitor is at a level slightly below the horizontal eye level.
5) Keep your computer screen clean, I mean free of dust and fingerprints.
6) Ensure you have a proper light in your room.
7) Make sure of the correct settings of your computer, especially the brightness and the contrast.
8 ) And of course.. do not spend too much time playing online games.
I am sure, that following these few simple tips, can significantly improve the comfort of your eyesight, especially when you spend a lot of time playing online, browser or skill games.
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