Fashion news from the avatar’s world!

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

No no, I am not kidding. The same as human, avatars have their own fashion. Among them we can find both those who care about what they wear and are always up to date and those who are a fashion victims. Let’s take a look on few popular characters from online games:
1. Mario – hero of the most popular browser game. Traditionalist, from years associated with his blue and red outfit and awesome beret. In a word, a gentleman.
2. Guy from Icy Tower – skater, he wears a loose, brown trousers, green shirt and too big cap. Style in which he dresses perfectly reflects his character. In the latest version of the game you can dress him up – he could become even a girl! You can choose from a variety options for trousers, shirts, hats. You can also change his hair (to make him a girl) and add make-up.
3. Barbie form Dress-up Barbie – classic, blond beauty. In her huge wardrobe you can find lots of dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts. Depending on your mood you can pick for her some sport, elegant or more sexy outfit. Both Barbie, a doll and this from browser games always look good. She is a style icon.
4. Larry from Leisure Suit Larry – short, balding character of one of the most popular erotic game, that can be played online. He is a businessman, so tries to dress elegant. As it is not hard to see, it cause him a lot of problems – in some of his creations looks quite funny. Do not believe? Check it yourself!
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