Bloody Sunday

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 in Skill Games

There will be a day, when you decide to clean up your computer (in professional language it is called “formatting” – so simply throwing away all your data) and believe me, brothers and sisters, you will regret this! Unfortunately I had this yesterday. “Why?”-You may ask. Oh, that is simple – my computer didn’t want to play online browser games, so it just turned off. I am great opponent of formatting (because it costs a lot of time and nerves), but windows blue screen beyond any doubt herald  that it was a time. So I deleted all my appointments, I took my original windows dvd, and I put it in. Of course I forgot that I should change input device in BIOS, and it took me twenty minutes to realize that. When I checked how to do this in my cell browser, I was pretty irritated. Maybe that was the reason why I, not on purpose, formatted not only C: partition, but also the one with all my videos, music and skill games – I am not affraid of ACTA any more! After one and half minutes i had my windows installed. Not in my homeland’s language, without any drivers and programmes, but it was there. The worst part started then! You probably undarstand my pain – I gathered all the famous online browser games pages, and others, all the contacts, all the bars etc. Reconstruction took me like four hours, and it is still not the same as it was before. My conclusion is that nobody like changes, but fortunately skill games are also available on online browser games portals – lucky me:)
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