Senior player

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 in Online Games

Online browser games? What is it? – This is my grandmothers question she once asked me. In fact it was about a year ago, she was then seventy-five years old. Can you imagine? No, I am not upset that she did not know what it is, I am impressed by her curiosity! She asked because she heard my conversation with parents, who claim that I play too much skill games. After her question, their stopped focusing on me – we were all to shocked. I explained, even showed what online browser games are, and she even made some scores. She enjoyed it so much, that after some days she started attending computer and Internet using course for seniors at local University. She is now playing skill games better than me (not amazing, I have to work and she is retired) and she says that she has met a lot of new friends on the course. She enjoyed it so much, that now she is at the university more often than real students. I thing it is good that some old people like to develop themselves even in Autumn of their lives. I am also thankful for those people teaching them, because now I have shared language with my Grannie, even though still can not communicate with my parents.I want to be such senior (if i will be alive around my seventies).
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Satisfaction at work

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a company, in which I work, I am, among many others, responsible for writing texts, which is boisterously called:”copywriting”. Of course I usually play online browser games, but sometimes I have to write something, and there is where problems show their true face. Do you know how hard is it to write about legal stuff in ten different articles? Probably you do not, because you have finished better specializations than me, and now you are doing your accounting or marketing stuff. I tell you – writing about one subject in ten text, throughout whole day is more difficult than anything you know about. I would call it skill game, because it requires more skills and logical predispositions than any online browser game. But there are positive sites of this work – I am very satisfied with the results – only few hours, and Web is ten articles more reach than it was before. My satisfaction will last only till my boss mark quality of those texts, but for now I am happy with my professional life, tired like after playing skill game and I want to share those feelings with you (before I will spend rest of the day playing online browser games). I wish you such satisfaction, maybe even more often! Cheers!
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Travel with games

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you ever travelled by bus, let us say from Prague in Czech Republic, to Bratislava in Slovakia? It takes about four hours to get from one capital city to another, so not too long, but if you are two meters high, like me, it is real torture. After an hour it was actually a skill game to somehow persist on this tight sit, because my knees were already stuck in back of a man in front of me, and generally I have been regretting that I didn’t spend more money on plane (which is in fact similarly tight). Fortunately for me and my co-travelers, I had my notebook with wireless connection to the web, so I quickly decided to ease tension by playing online browser games, especially one of my favourite – skill game with shooting elements (that part interested me the most, I was dreaming that I am hurting this fat guy next to me). there is nothing better than gaming in such situation, especially along with listening to laud music. Unfortunately battery lasted only for two hours, so lat one I spent on same stuff as first one – cursing on everything! But, all in all, I reached my destination. I did not mentioned it before, but I tortured myself this way due to romantic two-capitals trip, and I must say, that Prague and Bratislava are relatively cheap, and very, very beautiful! It was worth it! Especially because of occasional buy I performed in the second city. Do you know what I have bought? Yes, that were two additional batteries for my laptop – I had to somehow come back home!
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Poker or skill game?

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I visited my friend yesterday. He is a serious businessman, CEO of real estate company in northern Czech Republic and father of three children, but I found him playing online browser game on his home cinema display, using wireless mouse and keyboard. It was the day – day when a bunch of guys should have couple of beers or something stronger, because CEO had free house. Poker – this is what we should play, but he was playing some skill game. “I can’t stop”- he said – “this is my way to relax at work, but today I am near to beat the record, so I’ve taken  it home” and while we were waiting for the rest of the the companionship, he played. Game looked like some business charts (that is why it was easy to hide it at work) and the goal was to reach the end of  “chart tunnel” with small yuppie-looking bot. My friend wanted to beat the record, and the charts were more and more difficult. Fortunately he had a lot of beers in a fridge, because I would have problems with getting the fact, that serious manager is playing online game. He reached the goal before our friends came, but told them about his “Passion”, and we laugh. I don’t really know why – in fact every single one of us has some browser skill game he like to play, especially at work. I like to kill aliens (imagining they are my boss) and my CEO boss reaches goals (maybe he can’t do this in reall life?). To sum up, I wonder if it is good that we hide our emotions in skill games? Or we should take them home?

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