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The changing face of games

Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Online browser games won’t soon replace other games, like wideo games, but they meaning increased lately. They are very appealing because they don’t require high developed hardware software and mostly they are free. For those who are tired of monthly fees for normal online games browser games are great subsitute.

Online browser games are spreading quickly thanks to Facebook or MySpace. But even on websites they are viewed by millions of peoples. The traditional need more time to get a large player base and not every of them can manage that. Everyone can see how popular Farmville on Facebook is. It shows that putting games on social media sites can be appealing and many games developers see them as a main way to get profits from games. Facebook games reach the number of people that regular game producers can only dream about. Farmville typically had in 2010, 50 million users each month. Normal, traditional games can’t get that high amount of players.

As more game developers see the benefits and potential revenue of browser games they will release on a market more developed games that can get more players and new clients. Only imagine that you play online browser game, like skill game in 3D. It is far-reaching anticipate but it is very likely to happen.

Taking all of this into consideration, browser games are very quickly gaining more followers. In next few years these games will be more popular and maybe will totaly replace tradicional online games.

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How to create Your own online browser game?

Posted on Feb 7, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Are You computer gig who want to create his own online browser game? Here You can find few (I hope useful) tips. If you dream about your own game, but worry that you don’t have enough skills to do it, don’t worry! Now, there’s nothing more easier. All you need is a good idea, a creative mind and a lot of patience. On the market there are many ‘games creation programs’. Most of this kind of programs are offered by Mac or Windows operating systems. Searching the web we can find many free, but unfortunately limited versions that offer new users many possibilities to create new games. They typically offer various graphic, sound effect and texture packs. Not rarely, users are able to upload their own images or music materials, what makes that the game is in 100% ours and give more satisfaction to the person who created it. This uncomplicated, easy to use programs are designed for children, teenagers or other total beginners. Most of them have user-friendly guide, that helps make first steps in work as a game designer :) . Games you made thanks to this programs, you can usually easily publish by Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Your browser games can also be adapted by Androids or PlayStations. Some of this programs are limited to MMOPG only, others give a possibility of creating adventure, skill, platform and even puzzle games.
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Guinness record

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

On 29 January was set a new Guinness Record in number of online players in network games. Experimental game Man vs. Machine gathered in peak moment 999 people during one play.
The rift was prepared only to break through the barrier of 1000 players playing at the same time. Unluckely server didn’t manage when the 1000 player was logging in – then the play has stopped and after next beginning of the game, there were only 980 players left. Although the magic barrier of 1000 wasn’t break through, producers of the game can still be proud of beating the previous record. Developers said that previous record was 399 on one battle field in other browser game PlanetSide.
Comfort play attended by 999 players realized  thanks to new technology PikkoServer. The battlefield was hosted by 8 single-threaded Unity Game Servers that each handle a section of the battlefield. PikkoServer divides the battlefield between the game servers and glues the result together many times during one second.
Man vs. Machine is online browser game, first- person shooter, which was created for one use only. So you can’t play again and the only way was to show up on 29 January at 4 p.m. on official website and log in on a server. Players during the experiment were divided into two sections which were fighting with each other- machines and men.


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Addiction to browser games

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Addiction to browser games became a serious problem lately. Many people lost themselves to them. They see nothing but online browser games. In the Internet you can find many online games, which can be great entertainment. Many people who thought that browser games can be great to kill free time, but with time they strated to be addicting. Everyone wants to earn more awards and have better place in rankings. Sometimes even earn more real money. In skill games players are aiming to be faster and get more points. If you start playing browser games you can open a can of worms. So what is so drawing in that people can’t stop playing online browser games? In virtual world you can become whoever you want to be. You can become hero who save world or bandit who can kill whoever he wants. Another thing is that playing online connects people and gathers them into societies. You can get some new friends by playing or even have a online-girlfriend. Interesting detail is that advanced players in real life use words which usulaly are used in online talks and which are unintelligible outside of player’s societies, like noob, which means person who can’t play. Another thing is that actions of games are so interesting and gives so many emotions, connected with competition, that peolpe can’t stop play. The are like gamblers, who has to have another dose of adrenalin. In online browser games, which creates virtual worlds, players feel safer and consider them as a rebound from real life. But if you play with temperance you’ve got nothing to be worry about.

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Hardware requirements for online browser games

Posted on Jan 31, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

These days are undoubtedly the era of super-fast computers, which literally can make miracles. But each year are realesed games, which can bend even the best computers. But take a look what hardware requirements gave us browser games developers.

At the moment games, which are released in these year, literally are devouring computers, which are 5 years. It is because of from year to year hardware requirements of computer games are growing. Graphics cards, which were created for exapmle 2 years ago, might not manage with new games, which need newest version of DirectX.

Totaly different is with online browser games, which with their hardware requirements don’t even cause a small shortness of breath for computers. Usually in hardware requirements of browser games we will find that we have to have newest version of web browser or need of having internet connection. From time to time, browser games require from us newest versions of flash player. In case of games which presents high quality graphics by flash player platform, we can except that older computers won’t meet the demands.

As you can see, online browser games, such as skill games, don’t impose high needs. It’s the reason because they themselves don’t have high quality and exclusive graphics.

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