How playing online games helps in career

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Elliot Noss, Director of Internet domain provided by Tucows, for five months was trained to become a better leader. How? Playing for six, seven hours a week in ”World of Warcraft”.

  In “World of Warcraft” are a lot of situations where you have to demonstrate leadership skills - says Noss. When we participate in an attack, which is guided by ineffective leader, it is easy to see how valuable management skills are, the appropriate preparation and establishing a clear hierarchy to know who has what role.
We all believe that playing online browser games is not helping in education or in work and that it is only distracting us.  However, there is a school, according to which, playing online browser games in moderation and in spare time can help us get success in professional life.
It turns out that the best results get young people, who come to the work teams with the experience acquired in the online games all the time. They feel motivated to pursue new challenges and closely track the performance indicators - explains JohnHagel, one of the presidents of the center of technology strategy at Deloitte. Hagel examined the effect of playing online games, such as skill games on young people’s performance in the workplace.Games also pose an unexpected challenge to players and force them to cope with new situations. Players learn how to respond to new challenges and look for them to grow.They also learn how to improvise, which will  make them easier to show their creativity during solving problems that are not described in the company handbook.
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What was the first game ever made? – that is the question..

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

There are numerous debates over what was the first game and who created it. The evolution of games represents technological changes taking place over the years. It all started with a simple video games. The first of them began to appear around 1940s, what mean that more than 70 years ago! However, It is hard to state clearly which game was really the first. There are still ongoing disputes between fans of games and the same time experts in gaming history. In 1947 was created a games called “Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device”. Long name, huh? It was the earliest known interactive electronic game created by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. It was a simple kind of simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II. It used analog circuitry, not digital, but for that times it was a real phenomenon! This same year British mathematician Alan M. Turing developed a theoretical computer chess program. Actually he made only a basic program (nowadays called Turing machine) and then his friend Dietrich Prinz wrote it as the first limited program of chess. Unfortunately there was many problems with the “game”, so it was not enough powerful to play a full game. In the picture we can see people playing a “Pong” game. Maybe it was not the first game ever made, but it is one of the earliest arcade video games, that because of its two-demension graphics started to be more common between people, than its predecossors. Many years passed before on the market appeared online games, not to mention browser ones. They start to be popular during 90s. Then become first person-shooter games that allows players to compete with each other using the web. As the World Wide Web developed also browser games become more popular. Next to the many simple, single-player games were creating more complicated, that used web servers to allow to play in a multiplayer games.
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Games on Facebook – do you enjoy them?

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Recently, because of the bad weather outside I have spent a little more time at home. You know, general cleanings, replanting flowers, watching movies and hours spent on social networking sites. Due to the fact that I am interested in games and daily spend few minutes playing them – especially browser games, I decided to take a look on games on facebook. I have to admit that I have never done this before. I am not sure why, because I am an active user of facebook, but I have not.  As it is commonly known, nowadays people are crazy because of facebook. They share with friend millions of thoughts, photos and music videos every day. As we know they also play there online browser games. Unfortunately they do. Every moment my wall is littered with informations that one of my friends broke the record in some game, or that another one has collected five carrots.. Who care? Moreover, every day I get a lot of unwanted by me invitations to this games. Is it so hard to understand that if I am interested in playing facebook games I will do it without anyone help? I have started wondering why people so much like browser games on facebook.  They do not really differ from those that we can find on the web, and additionally it is so cool that everyone know what we play, when we play and how many points we have gained?
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Want to be fit? Play online games!

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 in Online Games

Many people think that vanishing boarder between real and virtual world may be very dangerous. That is probably true, but we must remember that every rule has its exceptions. Some time ago in USA has been created game that should helps people lose weight. Last research conducted by Indiana University shows that regular visits in virtual world of online game Second Life helps to lose weight in real life! Sounds impossible? To participate in the experiment were invited people with overweight and obesity in age between 30 and 50 years. They were separated in two groups, one was playing the game, second one was meeting in real life. After twelve weeks people from both of groups had lost about 4,5 kilograms. The were also similarity in theirs body mass index and body fat. The scientists believe that motivation and confidence built in game have positive influence on daily human life. What appeared, members of the online browser game Second Life made bigger progress in healthier diet and physical activity. Their colleagues from second group did not make so significant changes in any above-mentioned area. Except way of thinking, diet and exercise was analyzed lenght of sleep. By visualizing in virtual world real-world behaviour is easier to imagine the consequences of a particular behaviour, for example: if our virtual character will get fat because of eating to much, we would not do it in reality (otherwise we still will be overweight).
Virtual program was at least as effective as the so-called: program ‘face to face”. And in some ways was even better. Online game Second Life has potential to reach out to people who normally would never go to the gym or start a diet. It could be because of lack of the free time or complex of being too fat. What is interesting another American scientists have noticed that people exercises more intense, when instead of doing it alone, have company of avatar.

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Why do people like competition in browser games?

Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

A research that was conducted a few years ago shows that 57% of people that enter competitions have won some prizes (lucky ones!), but 43% haven’t. Most of people who have never won any prize are still hoping. Some people are entering competitions only because they like entering them. That could sound crazy, but sometimes more important is fact of participating in a contest then being a winner. Can be listed few reasons why people so much like competitions:
1) it allows them to improve their performance or any other skills,
2) motivates them to work on themselves,
3) enables to satisfy the need of being a winner.
Searching the web we can find many multiplayer games that allow to compete with other online players. People so much like them, because playing favourites browser games, they not only compete with computer, but also with other people. To take part in it we just need working PC and access to the Internet. No matter where we are, we can play with people from whole world. Multiplayer browser games are also huge communities. They place their photos on the site, write blogs and most of all compete with each other. Internet users are able to compete with others in various online games, for example: card games, platform games, casino games or any other skill games.
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