Satisfaction at work

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a company, in which I work, I am, among many others, responsible for writing texts, which is boisterously called:”copywriting”. Of course I usually play online browser games, but sometimes I have to write something, and there is where problems show their true face. Do you know how hard is it to write about legal stuff in ten different articles? Probably you do not, because you have finished better specializations than me, and now you are doing your accounting or marketing stuff. I tell you – writing about one subject in ten text, throughout whole day is more difficult than anything you know about. I would call it skill game, because it requires more skills and logical predispositions than any online browser game. But there are positive sites of this work – I am very satisfied with the results – only few hours, and Web is ten articles more reach than it was before. My satisfaction will last only till my boss mark quality of those texts, but for now I am happy with my professional life, tired like after playing skill game and I want to share those feelings with you (before I will spend rest of the day playing online browser games). I wish you such satisfaction, maybe even more often! Cheers!
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Travel with games

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Have you ever travelled by bus, let us say from Prague in Czech Republic, to Bratislava in Slovakia? It takes about four hours to get from one capital city to another, so not too long, but if you are two meters high, like me, it is real torture. After an hour it was actually a skill game to somehow persist on this tight sit, because my knees were already stuck in back of a man in front of me, and generally I have been regretting that I didn’t spend more money on plane (which is in fact similarly tight). Fortunately for me and my co-travelers, I had my notebook with wireless connection to the web, so I quickly decided to ease tension by playing online browser games, especially one of my favourite – skill game with shooting elements (that part interested me the most, I was dreaming that I am hurting this fat guy next to me). there is nothing better than gaming in such situation, especially along with listening to laud music. Unfortunately battery lasted only for two hours, so lat one I spent on same stuff as first one – cursing on everything! But, all in all, I reached my destination. I did not mentioned it before, but I tortured myself this way due to romantic two-capitals trip, and I must say, that Prague and Bratislava are relatively cheap, and very, very beautiful! It was worth it! Especially because of occasional buy I performed in the second city. Do you know what I have bought? Yes, that were two additional batteries for my laptop – I had to somehow come back home!
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Irritated? Play something!

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear readers! it is eight in the morning – can you imagine? i do not know if you wonder sometimes (I do) about how many hours do we spent in buses and trams, how long do we stay at work and why do we have to wake up so early every day? Results of my thinking are always so depressing, that I do not have a will to live like this any more. It is sixth day in a row, during which I woke up at six, went to work and now I am sitting here playing online games, so doing nothing productive. After this I will pack my stuff and go home, eat something, play sill games and go to sleep. And next day will be this same. And then another, ans so on till the retirement. Do you thing it will be easier? No it won’t! Such a decreasing in home economy cause only more depression and finally death. I do not want this – I do not want to be like all those people without life, just sitting at work and cheating on their employers bu playing online browser games in time they should be productive! I want to be rich and wealthy, so I can develop my hobbies and live peacefully! Unfortunately it is a life which verifies that,so my only choice is to wait patiently for my chance to go forward, to do something more. Thank God somebody invented skill games, so I can kill the time and irritation while waiting.
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Playing neighborhood

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

My dear friends I do not know if you are aware, but you have neighbours! Are you? That is great! From today I am to! My new neighbour Is such a big fan of playing online browser games! He moved in three days ago, and started playing some skill games right away (I recognized from the sound) so loud, I could not read, write, watch TV, I just could listened to the sounds of his gaming and irritation. I hold out for about 24 hours, and went to him. as a very peaceful and polite person (not when I am playing online games, but generally) I asked him gentle if he could play a bit quieter, but he said it is my legal obligation to let him do whatever he wants from six a.m. till 10p.m. I got back to my apartment, and heard that from now on I will have love parade behind my wall. He started to play his skill games, but in accompaniment of techno and disco music. I don’t want to offend anybody, but it was easier to listen to japan-like browser games soundtracks. I do not understand how stupid people can be! I can imagine that in a village he came from he lived in a barn, but why he transferred his customs into our crowded neibhourhood. I spoke to my other neighbours – nobody likes him, and he live here for about five days. I thing that most people in my house are not so calm as I am, and they have little children, ergo – he will not live here long without any harm. To sum it up, I beg you – be free in your four walls, but remember that somebody lives behind them.
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Bloody Sunday

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 in Skill Games

There will be a day, when you decide to clean up your computer (in professional language it is called “formatting” – so simply throwing away all your data) and believe me, brothers and sisters, you will regret this! Unfortunately I had this yesterday. “Why?”-You may ask. Oh, that is simple – my computer didn’t want to play online browser games, so it just turned off. I am great opponent of formatting (because it costs a lot of time and nerves), but windows blue screen beyond any doubt herald  that it was a time. So I deleted all my appointments, I took my original windows dvd, and I put it in. Of course I forgot that I should change input device in BIOS, and it took me twenty minutes to realize that. When I checked how to do this in my cell browser, I was pretty irritated. Maybe that was the reason why I, not on purpose, formatted not only C: partition, but also the one with all my videos, music and skill games – I am not affraid of ACTA any more! After one and half minutes i had my windows installed. Not in my homeland’s language, without any drivers and programmes, but it was there. The worst part started then! You probably undarstand my pain – I gathered all the famous online browser games pages, and others, all the contacts, all the bars etc. Reconstruction took me like four hours, and it is still not the same as it was before. My conclusion is that nobody like changes, but fortunately skill games are also available on online browser games portals – lucky me:)
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