How playing online games helps in career

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

Elliot Noss, Director of Internet domain provided by Tucows, for five months was trained to become a better leader. How? Playing for six, seven hours a week in ”World of Warcraft”.

  In “World of Warcraft” are a lot of situations where you have to demonstrate leadership skills - says Noss. When we participate in an attack, which is guided by ineffective leader, it is easy to see how valuable management skills are, the appropriate preparation and establishing a clear hierarchy to know who has what role.
We all believe that playing online browser games is not helping in education or in work and that it is only distracting us.  However, there is a school, according to which, playing online browser games in moderation and in spare time can help us get success in professional life.
It turns out that the best results get young people, who come to the work teams with the experience acquired in the online games all the time. They feel motivated to pursue new challenges and closely track the performance indicators - explains JohnHagel, one of the presidents of the center of technology strategy at Deloitte. Hagel examined the effect of playing online games, such as skill games on young people’s performance in the workplace.Games also pose an unexpected challenge to players and force them to cope with new situations. Players learn how to respond to new challenges and look for them to grow.They also learn how to improvise, which will  make them easier to show their creativity during solving problems that are not described in the company handbook.
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Browser games in times of flu.

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Online Games

It is Friday – the middle of February, the middle of winter. I am sick, so I had to stay at home. I wanted to go to work but my boss said that I would be just disturbing – I felt a bit unneeded, and so I am lying in my bed – with my computer of course. Have you ever thought about it? That we have constant contact with computers nowadays – we work with them, watch films with them, play skill games with them – they are closer to us than any person. You may say that I have nothing to do, and I have high fever, but I have calculated, that I spend more time playing online browser games that with my wife. You know – you stay at work most of the day, and you play online games most of this time (while work is waiting). Isn’t it sad? There were times in a history of mankind, when men had to fight for their survival and food for their families most of the day, and that was the only skill game they had play. Now we can loose our life only in browser games, at then it was reall! Personal relations were on much higher level – unit couldn’t survive without society. At present we live our lifes through web – we meet, marrie, have sex not personally, but as digits in global net. OK, I deffinatelly have a fever – I will not complain any more. In fact, online browser games are my only companions in my time of wickness – the easiest way to spent a lot of free time.
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Game tester

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games, Skill Games

If you love playing games perfect job for you is game tester. It’s a great opportunity to earn some money. You can do what you love the most and get paid for it. Nowadays game expert is one of the most sought professionals on the market. Game tester is a person who tests the game in terms of quality, stability or performance, through level of difficulty, lenght and other particulars which may have influence on gaming. Then the whole team of testers check first versions of game. Each tester have to create a raport of found mistakes- parameters of the computer on which miskate has appeared, list of logs, description of what have happened, when it happened. Raports are forwarwed to the main tester, who is systematizing and passing them to a main programer. Testers are checking not only video games, computer games but also online browser games. Browser games are not so complicated as other kinds of games but also needs checking. For example skill games are checked by their quality, stability, level of difficulty and chalenge. Tester need to have some special skills. Game testers must be computer literate. Candidates with experience in programming, digital animation and foreign languages are given preference and higher wages. But you have to take into consideration  that being a tester demands lot of time. Working 80-100 per week is the norm.

Testers make an average annual salary of $32,000 when they have three or fewer years of experience in the industry. Veterans who proved their skills and professionalism may expect salaries to average around $50,000 annually once they have four or more years of work on their resume.

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online browser games and children

Posted on Feb 10, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

In 21st century Internet is main medium and we couldn’t imagine life without it. We use it at work, at home, to do shopping and to entertain. many says that life without Internet would be boring. There are many advantages of Internet but there are some drawback too. Online life give us many opportunities but it can also be dangerous. Grown ups are aware of that but children can’t sometimes see the line between good and bad. They don’t recognise what is safe and what can threatened them. Kids are susceptible to computer addiction especially to online games and online chatting.
There are very negative results of instatnt playing online games by children. Because they spend their free time on playing their social growth is very limited. While they should meet new people and learn how to get new friendships they sit in front of computer. They can always meet someone by Internet but this kind of contacts will never replace in-person contact. Kids need to learn how is social life, how to get new friends, deal with disagreement, fights but also leran what is love, hate. Relations with other people lead to growth and development of a child. While making online friends who like them in real life the can be true outcasts. Because of that we have to make sure that we will learn them about bad sites of online gaming and how harmful it can be. Secondly, spending too much time sitiing in front of computer can lead to sedentary life. No physical activity can’t give development. Instead of playing on playground with other children or playing basketball they sit and play basketball online. It isn’t even a small substitute for physical activity. Lack of exercise can lead to problems with spine, obesity and other health problems. Kids more active will be more developed than children who spend their free time playing online games Skill games can develope some kind of manual skills but still it can’t be a substitute. It is very important to inform and learn children how dangerous playing online browser games can be.
Sometimes even parents go crazy because of online gaming. Marriage from South Korea was so drawned in a game that they starved they child to death. Parents didn’t have time to take care of their baby because they played online game. Ironically the game depended on taking care of virtual baby. They were so involved and absorbed with game that they forgot about their real baby. Newborn was feeded only once on 12 hours, when the Internet cafe was closed.

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Attacks on online players

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 in Browser Games, Online Games

Kaspersky Lab published new article “Frauds connected with online games: evolution of black market” by Christian Funk. In last four years cybercriminals got large benefits from salling stolen players accounts and items of characters.
Whatever it is- cards, board game, or game with cops and robbers- attemps to fraud are as old as game itself. Wanting of winning makes people cheat to get a advantage and to win a game.
It also concern online games. So-called “cheats” occur in all types of games- especially in MMORPG, helping impatients or less experienced players to win quicker and get better score.
From the time of Internet development  MMORPG are on first place among games in terms of longest of a play. In those games you have to create your own character in game world.
With time characters are developing, or get to higher levels.About power of a character decides not only its level and skill but also equipment, like weapon. To a success also has an input all kinds of weapons – swords, knifes, arc, armor. To have those weapons sometimes you have to buy them from developers. Users want to be better and have better power and so they buy additions. They built large accounts which will sooner or later interest hackers.
There is nothing strange that in the online games arised fully developed economics. In becoming an owner of items great role plays trade. Currency used in a game (usually virtual gold)is one of many  objects.
Perceived value and market price of items are quickly valued and actualizations of games and expansion packs, which are adding new objects. New items and new ways of getting them guarantee lack of stagnation on items market. Because of that game developers are following the market to maintain on it.
This market is characterized by quick development and big financial potential. So only the matter of time was when creators of viruses will be interested in it. While many of these items, accounts and currency offered for sale were sold by their owners, constituted a large part of the illegal gains from phishing attacks.
To sum up it is better to play online browser games, such as skill games because you will be sure that you will not be attacted by hackers.
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